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UK’s Sunak urges Iran to de-escalate tensions after Jordan drone attack; strike on IRGC location in Syria kills many

As the United States increased surveillance along the Iraq-Syria border in the wake of a strike in Jordan that killed three American soldiers and wounded dozens more amid fears of an imminent US strike, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak urged Iran to de-escalate. tensions in West Asia.

With America blaming Iran-backed terrorist groups for the attack on Jordan — a matter Iran maintains is innocent — Sunak said he was concerned about tensions in West Asia.

Sunak said Britain “absolutely condemned” the drone attacks, which US President Joe Biden said were carried out by Iran-backed militants.

“We are concerned and urge Iran to continue de-escalating tensions in the region,” Sunak told television stations on Monday.

“We stand behind our allies to bring stability and peace to the region, and we continue to work towards that.”

The attack, which also wounded 34 US service members, is the first fatal strike against US forces since
The war between Israel and Hamas broke out in October and marks a major escalation in the tensions that have engulfed the Middle East.

Iran’s mission to the United Nations said in a statement on Monday that Tehran was not involved in the attack.

Meanwhile, Iran-backed groups along the Syria-Iraq border began evacuating their posts in anticipation of a US strike. In addition, reports indicated that terrorist leaders began to avoid using telephones for fear of being tracked and eliminated.

A report in the Times of Israel also quoted Islamic resistance officials as saying that the attack on Jordan was carried out by an Iraqi faction of Iran-backed groups.

On the other hand, two were killed and several wounded in an airstrike on a site linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps near the shrine of Sayyeda Zeinab on the outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

So far, there have been no comments from the Syrian or Israeli side

Image Source: AOL UK

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