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Urgent Evacuation: 30 Premature Babies Flee Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital Amidst Grave Situation

Urgent Evacuation: 30 Premature Babies Flee Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital Amidst Grave Situation

In a dire response to the escalating crisis in Gaza, 30 premature babies were urgently evacuated from Al-Shifa Hospital on Sunday, their fragile lives hanging in the balance. The infants, facing peril as Israeli forces engaged Palestinian militants near the hospital, were transferred to facilities in Egypt, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry.

Global concern peaked as heart-wrenching images surfaced, revealing medical staff struggling to keep the premature newborns warm after a power blackout paralyzed essential equipment, including incubators. Amidst the prolonged conflict, Al-Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s main medical facility, was severely lacking in food, water, and medical supplies.

World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 291 patients, including 32 babies in extremely critical condition, remain in the beleaguered hospital. The fate of the evacuated infants is yet unknown. Trauma patients with severe infections and individuals with spinal injuries, unable to move, underscore the urgency of the situation.

Medhat Abbas, a spokesman for the Health Ministry, confirmed the evacuation without offering specific details. The WHO has yet to comment, leaving the international community anxiously awaiting updates on the welfare of these vulnerable lives caught in the crossfire of a devastating conflict.

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