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US will not walk away from Ukraine: Joe Biden after spending bill avoids new aid to Kyiv

Hours after passing a short-term spending bill to prevent a government shutdown, US President Joe Biden said that Washington “will not back down” from its support for Ukraine, according to CNN.

This comes after spending legislation including new aid for Ukraine. Biden also called on Republicans to keep their promises to support Ukraine. “There are no funds for Ukraine in this deal … However, I do not believe we can put millions of Americans through the pain of a government shutdown,” Biden said after signing the bill.

“I want to reassure our American allies, the American people and the people of Ukraine. You can count on our support. We will not go far,” CNN quoted Biden as saying. The president also said he would hold Republicans accountable for their “early warning” about their support for Ukraine. CNN quoted the president as saying, “But let’s be clear. I hope my friends on the other side will continue their words of support for Ukraine. We support Ukraine in a separate vote.”

“We cannot allow American support for Ukraine to be cut under any circumstances.” Biden said he strongly hopes that Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy “follows through with the necessary support and assistance to support Ukraine as they protect themselves from aggression and brutality.”

Image Source: Anadola Ajansi

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