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Vanita A – Founder of Venuss Innovative Skin And Hair Care

Interview with Vanita Ambwaney Founder of Venuss Innovative Skin And Hair Care

Q. Please introduce yourself in brief.
A. I am a simple girl with strong ambitions and a positive attitude towards life. I’m a strong believer in “Nothing is Impossible” & “Gratitude is the best attitude”

Q. What is your start-up story.
A. I was a teacher earlier but after getting married I wasn’t doing anything much. But I used to make some beauty recipes from kitchen ingredients with a hint of innovation. Now, these recipes were a hit amongst my family and friends and that’s what inspired me to experiment and give a structure to my thoughts. That’s how VENUSS evolved.
It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be to convince people to buy something that is homemade. But I didn’t give up and started promoting my products on a Facebook Group MUMO where I gained recognition and thereafter there was no looking back.
My father joined hands with me and that boosted my confidence even further. I wouldn’t say I wasn’t scared of the competition that eventually arose, but I kept my self away from thinking about it by bringing in new strategies to be better and grow bigger. Last year I started with an initiative to provide work from home and now have 50 women who work with me.

Q.What made you choose this profession?
A. I never had beautiful skin and I had done enough RnD with the chemical treatments and medicines but nothing really worked for me. What worked were simple home remedies that I inherited and twisted and turned a bit to give me the results that I always craved for. And there was some part of me which was always inclined to be independent and start something of my own… so here I’m. giving this interview.

Q. Who is the role model in your life?

A. I don’t know this honestly because I like to adopt and follow every successful person who has excelled in his or her career, I like to observe what makes them different and try to follow it in my own way.

Q. What do you like most in your work profession?
A. Everything. Right from innovating products to marketing to taking care of my clients, their feedbacks, I enjoy every bit of my work.

Q. Daily routine for beautiful skin.
First, believe that you are beautiful. Skin is just a layer above the beauty you carry inside.
Apart from that Scrub, Pack n Gel/ Cream… Scrub ones a week to remove the dead cells, apply pack at least twice a week to nourish your skin and apply gel or cream every day to keep your skin hydrated and healthy looking.

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