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‘We believe in creating ‘Websites for Everyone’ – Interview with Mr Imran Khan – CEO of CSS Founder

Website development has become a trending business idea for entrepreneurs nowadays. But how many of them are worth it and the bigger question is how many of them are authentic?

Today we have Mr Imran Khan with us who talks about the intense competition in Web Development and Web Designing and how to stay away from fake web development companies.

  • Tell us more about your company CSS Founder?

CSS Founder Pvt Ltd. is one of the best and most trusted website designing companies working with the mission “Website For Everyone” that has executed hundreds of projects in cutting edge web technologies for clients in UAE, INDIA, USA, & other continents. We have designed websites for many International & Domestic Brands, Big Companies, and even small businesses. Working with expertise and experience, we deliver all projects on time, with no delay, because we understand how crucial it is for you to get a website designed rapidly.

With CSS founder’s vision,  we have seen that if the website is being made from another MNC company, then it costs way too much. In this field, the pricing varies from one company to another, based on their brand value. Hence, CSS Founder gives you your desired website at a very affordable price, we charge a very minimum based on the requirements. Working with skill and experience, we convey all activities on schedule, with no delay, since we see how significant it is for you to get a site planned quickly.

Since the beginning of this company, we have decided to not call people to utilize our services, hence, you made sure that when someone needs our services, they get us with the help of google. We are mainly focused on Google rankings, as it is the first strategy of our company to be there on the internet within the first page. During our first few months, we gave ads by creating an image about our company on the ad walls, so people know about us. Due to our great market strategy, we can get clients since day one.

  • Why did you choose to start this (specific) business?

I became interested in this field during 2010-2011, as that time I wanted to build a website for some of my other business ideas. I struggled a lot with freelancers; however, they were unable to complete the work. There was no sense of professionalism in those freelancers. Then, eventually, I seek to web developing companies, they took the advance, and then all of a sudden, those companies started disappearing. As surviving in this field is pretty tough, those companies got closed. And the website that I wanted, had plenty of glitches and it was still not complete. Even after seeking help from different people for the website was very far from being complete. And as I was starting something new making a website from another big MNC company costs a lot. There was no company during that time that can build a complete website at an affordable price.

After investing for more than two years in this business, yet I was still struggling with website development. I realized that it will no longer be complete and there’s a need to be website development but there was no one who can accomplish those at an affordable price. Then I decided to open CSS Founder in the year 2014 with the vision of “Website for Everyone.”

  • How did you get your idea or concept for this business?

During my college years, I was struggling with building my website, and hence even after two to three years, paying plenty of individuals and companies, my website was still incomplete. Also, I decided to provide the services that are required in the Internet Era. We have made plenty of websites since then, even some of the websites were made for free, as the clients’ financial difficulties, hence, those efforts paid off. We want to provide websites for everyone at an affordable price for their business, so they don’t have to struggle the way I did.

  • How do you cope up with the intense competition in your field of web development and web designing?

Being the founder of CSS Founder, since the first day I have thought of never pleading people, we help people. From the experience of my struggle days, I had always planned that whenever anyone seeks a developer, they find us. It is very difficult to cope up in this field, it’s true. But we believe in providing genuine results for the people in need. With our services, we have won many clients and we are very grateful to those people who have liked our services and given us good ranking and feedbacks on various websites like, Google, Facebook, Justdial, etc. We made a global presence with our services and we are willing on satisfying more customers. As we used the smart strategy of marketing digitally, the competition is not so intense for us, hence, we are on our way to becoming a household name in this field.

  • After all this success, what do you struggle with now?

Right now, the struggle is operating and managing on time. We are very grateful that since we can satisfy many people with our services, we are a well-known company today. However, as we have grown a lot bigger now in the market, we have plenty of work but we are short in hand. We want to find genuine and skilled people for the organization, and we also need people to manage these amazing and talented clients. Due to heavy workload and fewer people to work with, our present employees are having a lot of pressure. Operating has become quite challenging these days, we already have planned strategies to help people to get jobs.

  • Who is your role model and why?

My role model is Ratan Tata and the way he does his business, his strategies, his willingness of taking risks. Everything about him is just amazing, even the donations and charity he does for the needy people also is great. The one unique thing that makes Ratan Tata great from different industrialists is his qualities. He gives main concern to benevolence and compassion while leading business.

  • How do you plan to expand your business?

Since the beginning of the company, we have decided that in the world of web development, we will be the best. Whenever someone talks about website building, we want to make sure that we are present in their discussion. We are on our way to doing so by providing the best services to numerous people for their business and get genuine results based on their requirements. With our services, we are planning on having a branch in the key countries of the world. We already have our offices in Noida, Mumbai, and UAE. You will get us when you find a website development company in all these places. We also have a good Google ranking in the world’s top countries like America, Canada, etc. and we plan on remaining on the top.

  • Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your


Edhole is a company that I started during my college times, and this was a startup during the development of this company I struggle a lot. I met different people and learned different things from my struggle. Plenty of them made me a fool and betrayed me. I gave my everything for this project despite that I was betrayed. I tried my best, gave my 100% for this project, however, it unfortunately failed, due to lack of development. The process of building this project has made me realized a lot of things. And through this one, I learned many things.

  • If you had one piece of advice to someone who is just starting his or her business, what would it be?

If you planning on your business, my advice is before starting your own business, like to leave your job and risk everything — make a digital presence with the help of digital marketing. After making yourself and your business digitally present, try to acquire some direct sales strategy through your social media, get clients from there. Promote yourself on social media platforms, make a google Maps profile and make a good ranking, once you start getting clients, then you can go with the other processes towards building your company.

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