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What The World Would Be Like If Technology In Education Didn’t Exist ?

Effective usage of Technology in Education has transformed the face of Education, and it has created several educational opportunities. Teachers have greatly benefited from the usage of technology in teaching. The old chalk and blackboard teaching aid have given way to whiteboard and projector in many places. With the help of various visual aids, the teacher can explain concepts in a better manner.

Students, on the other hand, find it more comfortable learning through technology-assisted gadgets. In today’s world, even a toddler is exposed to various forms of technological devices at home like mobile phones, tablets, remote controlled TV, music system etc. apart from other kinds of technology-enabled toys.  Hence, it becomes easier for them to cope up with learnings in schools using technological devices.

Technology integration into the classroom is an effective way of connecting with students of all learning styles.

The use of technology in education has made it possible for students and teachers to collaborate using advanced educational techniques.

Technology in Education has helped in unlocking Technological boundaries making virtual learning possible

Online learning gives the flexibility to students to attend the same class from different geographical locations without the need to be travelling to those locations. Technological advancement has supported the face to face communication between students and teachers in the virtual world. Students can resolve their queries using virtual communication tools like Skype. Many educational institutions are blending online learning tools in their educational systems.

Technology facilitates access to Educational Resources :

Open Educational resources are learning, teaching, research resources in the form of eBooks, podcasts, educational games and videos, tutorials and much more that reside in the public domain and are freely available to anyone over the web. Teachers to use these resources to learn the techniques and approaches used by other educators using technology.

Technology in Education can foster Artistic Expressions:

The latest technology based art forms such as digital photography, computer animation, graphic designing, video production etc. have great appeal. It encourages artistic expression particularly among students who experience a constraint in expressing through verbal and written communication.

Technology in Education provides opportunities for students to do Meaningful Work

Students can create and publish their work in the online platform and reach out to the world. They can receive feedback and comments on their work and experience the rewards of the exposure gained.

Blended learning as a result of Technology in Education

Blended learning incorporates classroom face-to-face and online learning. The ratio of the classroom and online learning may vary across schools. This strategy of blended online learning with instructor-led classroom training helps students with diverse learning styles immensely. The main reason is since the student also gets the flexibility of learning beyond classroom hours at his/her convenience. It increases educational productivity by reducing the cost of instructional materials and utilising the tutor’s time.

Usage of Mobile Applications in the Education Sector

Digitalisation has led the mobile phone to capture nearly all areas of our life. From shopping, ticket booking, entertainment, games to dating there is an app for it. Like other sectors, even the Education sector is evolving with the emergence of technology.

There has been an entire transformation of the learning process with the introduction of mobile apps.

Few reasons for its popularity is listed below:

–    Mobile phones are widely used among students

–    Teaching modules can be customised as per the needs of the educational institution

–    Distribution of study material is easier through the app

–    It allows submission as well as correction of assignments and projects the app

–    It allows the flexibility of anytime anywhere learning

All these brings up the thought what the world would be like if Technology in Education didn’t exist.

I firmly believe that the future of Technology in Education is tied in with adjusting to the fast-evolving world, allowing students to choose their way of learning, consolidating theory and practice, considering the current demand of the market at any given point of time.

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