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What to Wear in Maldives? Outfit Ideas & Packing List

What to wear in Maldives

What to wear in the Maldives?: Maldives is a country consisting of 12,000 small Islands located in the south of Asia. The Maldives is heaven to visit in your holidays— the perfect destination for honeymooners, couples, and travellers that just want to rest and relax and do nothing else. Spending a vacation in the Maldives is a dream! Small islands with white sandy beaches, azure and turquoise blue waters, palm trees, and a beautiful underwater landscape. With all year round almost perfect weather, gorgeous clear blue seas, and sky along with golden sandy beaches awaiting your arrival it’s going to be a holiday to remember.

As most of your time would be spent in water sports, a bathing suit or swimsuit is necessary. The Maldives is a Muslim country; while bathing suits and summer clothing are tolerated on the major resort islands, you need to cover up if you’re staying at a local-owned guesthouse or resort. The Maldives also has its own limitations, which you should be aware of before travelling. Nudity (like topless sunbathing) is against the law.

How to Dress in the Maldives?

You may already know that the Maldives is also one of the most photogenic destinations in the world. I advise you to think in advance about what you are going to wear for your special vacation in the Maldives! Here’s a handy rundown of what are the best outfits to wear in the Maldives for different occasions and to respect the local customs.

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Packing List for the Maldives

No matter how long your trip to the Maldives is, these things are a must to pack:

  • Swimwear and Beach cover-ups
  • Sun Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Flip flops and Sandals
  • Summer Dresses
  • Beach Bag
  • T-shirts and Shorts
  • Evening Wear

Now let’s look at some outfits! I have rounded up 10 gorgeous outfits, showing you how you can rock the vacation look. Keep reading for our breakdown of different styles that look best when travelling to resort locations.

Check out the given pictures as inspiration

Brunch Ready

Pin on Clothing
source: pinterest

Florals look stunning especially when you are on vacation on an island. This blue floral maxi dress is the perfect one for a nice semi-formal look. You can wear heels or sandals with this dress, whichever one you are more comfortable in. Don’t forget to wear some jewellery with this look as it will add to the beauty of this dress. You can never go wrong with bright-coloured accessories. Don’t forget to put on your favourite shades for a cool look!

Romantic Evenings

The Maldives is the perfect destination for honeymooners and couples in love. Surprise your loved one with a romantic date night on the beach when you stay in the Maldives. Look at the picture above and notice how the whole view and their outfits look magical. The girl has opted for an off-shoulder maxi dress with open hair. The guy opted for a basic look with a white teen and faded shorts. How effortlessly beautiful do they look?

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Maldives Yacht Party Outfit

Yellow is the new black when it comes to beach outfits and yacht parties. This yellow beach mini dress look is a perfect look for you. A nice straw bag and classic pair of beach flip flops can enhance your look even more. Moreover, you can wear light accessories to glam this lookup.

Rocking Slit

Slit dresses are a sensation when it comes to beachwear. This tropical slit dress look is the minimalist option and is yet able to pull off an elegant style. You can style this white slit open skirt with an all-black swimsuit. You can wear heels with this outfit if you have to wear it to a beach party or birthday otherwise you can keep it casual with some slippers or sandals. Some tinted shades will make this outfit even cooler. Lastly, don’t forget to rock some chunky chains because they will add some spice to your outfit.

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Beach Party Look

This outfit seems ideal for any beach party. Flats are a great choice to wear with shorts and a classic crop tube top. You can tie your hair in a simple bun or leave them open. The look is neither too casual nor too formal, making it perfect. A necklace and sunglasses are all the accessories she needs to complete the sassy look.

Diva Look

What to Wear in Maldives
source: shopee

This exquisite dress seems like the perfect outfit for a vacation in a place like the Maldives. This outfit is sexy and chic both at the same time. There is no way you could go wrong with this outfit. You can pair a straw hat with this dress to complete the look. White sandals would go perfectly well with this outfit. You can wear this outfit to a beach party or just to chill by the beach.

Classy and Modest

Dressing to the beach as a hijabi can be kind of hard, especially when you like swimming in the ocean. Combine trends with modesty in a few simple ways to create some effortless and fun looks. How breezy and stylish is this wrap dress that has been paired with the trendy sandals? Beige is the perfect colour to accessorize with. The chunky jewellery, Hijab, and heels all look super great together.

Fun Beach Look

Rompers are super cute and comfortable. Everyone needs to own a romper because they are one of the easiest and prettiest outfits. They require zero to no effort and you still look stunning. This tie and dye romper looks amazing and makes you look effortlessly cool. You should definitely pack such outfits if you are going on vacation to the Maldives.

Crochet Coverups

Crochet coverups like this are ones we don’t mind buying no matter the price. This nude one is gorgeous. You are definitely going to get tons of compliments on this outfit if you decide to wear it. This simple beach look is gonna be your ultimate favourite during your vacations. This is one of the most simple and easiest answers to your What to wear in Maldives question!

Couple Goals

This tiger print outfit looks perfect on this couple. The striped print mini dress looks super hot at a beach. It’s very comfortable to hang out in a mini skirt. You can complete your look with open hair and wear black glasses. The guy also looks hot in shorts. His matching top with his partner gives a sweet and lovely vibe as a couple of goals.

The Maldives is a fairly hot and humid location as it is an island. Hence you must pick clothes that are light in weight and colour. Avoid dark colours like black, dark purple, maroon etc. It doesn’t go with the vibe and the weather too. Other than that, make sure you take your sunscreen and sunglasses!

So these are some outfit ideas for What to Wear in Maldives! We hope it was helpful!

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