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Why checking your e-mails after work is so bad for your health?

The checking e-mails is not bad at all while traveling to work place or during lunch break, but when done at odd hours after work then it has different repercussions altogether. It is said that to be bad to bring work to your home be it of any nature or intensity. Hence, it is advised to everyone to ignore checking of e-mails after work as far as possible.

After checking e-mails pertaining to work, one tends to think upon the issue but not actually doing anything about it. The minds of the concerned individuals get diverted and starts wondering. The so called, peace of the individual gets shattered very badly and the personal life of that individual goes for a toss. One cannot devote much time to the members of the family or for that matter the so called social life. Hence, the work-life balance goes haywire and a chaos like situation is created. The productivity level or the efficiency level of the person is reduced drastically. Consequences may be as bad as loss of sleep resulting to low concentration during working hours or even illness arising of deprived or improper sleep.

E-mail is a great source of communication, at the same time it is source of stress and frustration to many individuals. It is observed that in today’s time where e-mail is accessible in every major smart phone, people have developed this habit of checking e-mails every now and then.  Less than one-fourth organizations of the world have the policies of responding on the e-mail after the official working hours. One needs to understand that, it is time to unwind yourself after your official working hours.

The following are the ill effects of checking e-mails after work on the health of any individual:

  • Increase in the stress or anxiety level which might lead to cardiac arrest
  • Strain in the eyes
  • Headache, feeling of drained out or exhausted
  • Mood swings can cause behavioral outburst and which can cause unwanted crisis situations among the members of the family
  • Weight gain, memory impairment, digestive problems, and depression
  • Worst sleep and sometimes clubbed with nightmares
  • Absent minded clubbed with absurd behavior

Last but not the least, it is highly recommended to avoid checking e-mail after your work time. Get into the habits of wrapping of work on time. It is important to prioritize your life for a healthy lifestyle.

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