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Importance of Women in Startups: Need of the Hour

Women startups are the new Buzzword in recent time. As per Next generation, working for the Bigger Brand is a passé thing and Every Tom, Dick & Harry wants to come up with Startups ventures. There are even some entities which does a startup work and run for quite some time and sells it when it attains substantial market value and exit gracefully after earning good amount of money and any interested business person gets a readymade organization in exchange of money.

There are numerous startups which run the business from one room like office and in such businesses, there are ample numbers of women entrepreneurs. They are doing a great turnaround to many business houses and taking it to a great height of success which is really commendable. There are certain nature or traits which women inhibits viz. emotionally intelligent, passionate, helpful in creating a healthy working environment, empathies, sincerity, punctuality, more presentable, laborious etc.

Many organizations prefer to have a certain percentage of female staff so as to attain the “Gender diversity in the workplace”. It has been successfully established at the various organizations that the gender diversity is directly proportional to the financial success of an organization. Men and women with equal footing in any organization speeds-up the growth of any organization to a great extent. The working culture gets enhanced due to the enhancement in the working atmosphere. According to a survey by McKinsey, the highest proportion of women in power position witnessed the stock value soared by 64% over the period of 2 years in comparison to the average of 47% which is indeed commendable.

A Working Mother is the perfect example of an employee, which keeps wonderful work-life balance and set the standards for their men counterparts. They understand the importance of flexibility (in time, work from home etc) in the workplace. The bottom line is neither the work nor the life should suffer, as both are equally important. The startups need more women than men as they are like newborn babies who need better nurturing. They are better communicators as they empathize with the situation well. All verticals (Finance, HR, Marketing, Technology etc) of Startups are in the very initial stages and hence better communication is required in all verticals so that it could progress well as a business entity. Business partners listen to the lady entrepreneurs more keenly before making any sort of decision. The chances of prosperity in the startups are more likely when lead by the women power.

Some other common personality traits in women are intuition, sensitivity, and emotional intelligence and these are required to build a well-rounded workforce. They are much better equipped to translate the non-verbal cues and body language making them effective problem solvers in critical situations. They as senior management, leaders, and bosses are capable of addressing and resolving workplace conflicts and differences and hence maintain the decorum of office.

In the present day scenario of a workplace, communication and collaboration of work are much important for the better functioning of the startups. If he and she come up with collective effort in their personality traits or skills then the startups will function tremendously well and reach great heights. So, appreciate their efforts of and they will do wonders.

Last but certainly not the least their power is an integral part of the society and we cannot leave them aside. Society equally needs women as it needs men. They are not meant only to raise kids and do households chores. Educating females for entrepreneurship creates better chances of having more and more lady professional workforce. It’s high time now, people should stop treating a lady as a second class citizen or a dependent and then only we will allow them to believe in themselves. Education for her should be made accessible at free of cost then only it will become even faster. We must treat her as an asset rather than a burden. If we want to grow as a cultured and developed society, then we need to make a sincere effort to bring in more and more ladies in the mainstream professional work life and discourage any type of gender biases in any fronts of life.

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