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15toGO Application for the Wanderlust Travelers

15toGO is the leading application made for a chain of travellers who are wanderlust for exploring the places, where they can get a match with new people to go on with and organised their own trips booking without bothering about the cash.

As this app includes three-way to reach your destination which is like to be Match, book and travel. They believe in consumer satisfaction with that allowing the local communities to show their traditional, cultural, food and urban lifestyle of their motherland.15 to Go application want to reach the traveller at their dream destination by giving them the real experience of natural beauty, grace and also with a lot of memories.

The discoverer of this 15toGo leading application is Peter Lozanov who is current Ceo and co-founder. The real passion of his life is entrepreneurship. He believes that its the only way to creates what he believes is his life. Entrepreneurship is the rage this day but in the real world that makes sense, that an entrepreneur start the business and leadership can lead them towards the appropriate action. He put his all endurance into his every project to make it perfect without any flaw. With this, each skill even he inspires everyone to reach their goal. His passion is for technology, marketing, sociology and human behaviour. He prefers to expand knowledge and explore the world, that the main reason to enter into the travel industry. Humanity is the building bond amongst the society and with sustainable values. As he is a firm believer of decentralized organizations and blockchain technology, he says, society needs a better communication process and a new way of decision making.

The aim of the Company: 15 to Go application aim is to provide the travellers to reach the destination trip with hassle-free and cherished friends for without worried about the bucks. Also, it has a unique feature which allows the travellers to join them on a trip with the like-minded people and pay less with the coupon code. The firm wants the travellers to explore more and also the local operator to earn more and show their motherland traditional and culture.

  How it works
1) Travellers need to create their own profile.
Creating their own profile will able to know other about that interest and places where they want to explore in the future case. with this travellers can also share their own journey and memories with other through their own blog on the app and also with an amazing photograph.

2) Approaching Friends and build their own network.
Through this a unique referral link is been created and also we can bring own friends on board. Even though this technique the network many of the friends can join us in our journey.

3) Match Friends to travel with and wins exciting offers.
A match will allow finding the like-minded people and can able to send the request for it. Even we can chat with the new buddies and build the network.

4) Book your ensuing adventures
Hunt trips offered by verified Local Tour Operator. Through each booking, travellers can earn TGO token. For the first 15 booking travellers can get offers on it. All security of data is maintaining with us.

5) Travel Hussel Free
Travellers will able to talk with buddies prior to the trips and can connect with them before the trips. Travel securely with the LTO guides and new buddies.

15 to Go application play a vital role in the travel industry, and also has a mission to be the paramount app for the traveller’s zone. 15 to Go is viable to each and every one. It creates a social travel network and groups tours. 15 to Go application has another impact on the marketplace which is available rare in any other travel application. So to write in brief nutshell the 15toGo application is the best travel application

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