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4 Gorgeous Wedding Themes that are Totally Unforgettable!

What better opportunity for you and your loved one to showcase your personalities than at your wedding? Whether it’s the pop culture, travel or love for nature and music, your wedding theme is the perfect way to celebrate the things you love the most.

However, navigating the world of wedding themes and creating an event that stands the test of time can be tricky. This is why we have compiled a list of four gorgeous wedding themes to get you started on your wedding planning!

  • Floral Extravaganza

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If spectacular floral arrangements make your jaw drop, then the floral wedding theme is just perfect for your dream wedding! This timeless wedding theme is popular for its elegance – it’s literally a fairytale come true! A beautiful white backdrop consisting of bright, fresh flowers and floral hangings is sure to mesmerise your guests and give a romantic touch to the venue.

To get that floral heaven look, don’t forget to use flowers for top tables, cake table and the photo booth background for the reception. It will simply look amazing in your wedding photos. If you are considering an outdoor wedding venue, look into decorating the pagoda with a floral archway where the ceremony is about to take place.

  • Dreamy Bollywood

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While some individuals dream about the evergreen floral theme, there are a few who prefer to go off-beat to make their wedding a grand event. If you are part of the second lot, then a dreamy Bollywood wedding theme for your reception is a fantastic idea!

The red carpet can be a great way to welcome your guests by showering them with a ‘Star treatment’. You can even have a Bollywood photo booth, name your menu according to your favourite actors, or ask your guests to dress up in themed costumes. Moreover, this theme can work wonders for all your wedding functions – be it the mehndi, sangeet or your wedding ceremony.

  • The Royal Wedding

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Who doesn’t dream of living like royalty and getting married in regal style! If you want to live this dream on your wedding day, go for a royal theme. An outdoor location, a heritage property, or a popular destination wedding location can be a perfect choice for this theme. From having the right kind of sparkling lights and chandeliers to the perfect colours and fabrics– a royal wedding looks subtle and classy at the same time.

You can add a bit of drama to your royal endeavour by making the bride and groom’s entries with traditional grand announcements. Along these lines, you can embrace Shehnai and Nagada instead of a DJ. Similarly, you can add a touch of grandiose to the wedding menu by including food and drinks which are apt for the royal theme.

  • The Beach Wedding Theme

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If you want to get married near a beach, with the ocean breeze flowing through your hair, go for a beach wedding theme – it has become one of the most popular wedding themes these days.

For this theme, you can simply take a soothing and coastal approach with crisp blues and whites. To get everyone drenched in the mood, you can even organize jazz music and dance performances on your sangeet and go for Hawaiian costumes for the pool party.

As far as the menu is concerned, serve some refreshing non-alcoholic drinks to keep the scorching temperature at bay (for summer weddings). Though seafood favourites are a must for beach weddings, don’t forget to include scrumptious veg options to please the palates of all your guests.

Financing Your Dream Wedding

Although a perfectly themed wedding can bring an immense amount of joy and a lifetime of memories, you cannot ignore the fact that weddings are a costly affair. Therefore, your desire to plan a perfect wedding can become a bit daunting. Additionally, using all your savings is also not a wise idea.

In such a scenario, going with a personal loan for wedding is a smart choice. You can get the desired amount you want for your marriage and can easily repay the amount in EMIs.

With an instant personal loan for wedding, you no longer have to worry about the expenses of your dream wedding. Here’s why:

  • Personal loans are disbursed quickly and do not involve the hassles of lengthy paperwork
  • Financial institutions like ABFL Direct offer instant loan approval, within 30 minutes, without the need to provide any collateral
  • These loans come with flexible loan repayment tenure and easy EMI options

So, to take the stress out of your wedding planning, turn to personal loan for wedding. With easy application, and flexible tenure, it is the easiest way to tackle all wedding-related expenses.

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