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Technology Is A Beneficial Servant But Danger Master

Technology has become an integral part of our society, One cannot co-exist without the other. It has become a huge necessity for human beings. Currently, we are living in an era of advanced innovation in this present globalized world. As compared to the older days, we have come a really long way since the invention of a Telephone, plane, Television set, computer, and many more useful creations.These innovations will continue to advance rapidly to further fulfill our future needs and requirements. We use these devices in many sectors such as travel, education, healthcare, business, lifestyle, etc.

Technology has many positive and negative effects which have impacted our society in a number of ways. We hear a lot about how bad technology is for us, but it would be foolish to only highlight the negatives when there are actually plenty of positives.

Positive Side Effects Of Technology

Here are some of the positives side  mentioned below :

Positive Effects of Technology – Technology has made travel so easy and so comfortable. Applications like Google Maps will save your valuable time and avoid the outcome of getting lost anywhere in the world. Tickets can be booked online from anywhere in the world with the help of apps, websites, all you need is a device (computer, smartphone) stable internet connection.

There are many informative mobile applications which provide effective and great learning experiences which will further your productivity and growth Advancement of technology in medicine which helped us to save countless lives. Due to extensive research in medicine, we have now been able to find problems and cure illnesses much quickly as compared to the earlier days .
There are tremendous changes that are made in old businesses as well as new businesses due to the implementation of technology.

High technology devices work much faster than old devices and this leads to an increase in the income generation of the business and enhances productivity among employees resulting in happy and satisfied customers.

Due to technology, we can now communicate easily with family members and friends located anywhere in the world totally free of cost. This helps us to keep in touch with each other and spread happiness and love.

Negative Side Effects Of Technology

Here are some of the negative side  mentioned below :

Negative Effects of technology – Due to extensive social media utilization our minds automatically raise the expectations of a certain location which you may plan to visit. However, upon visiting you may not totally enjoy the experience. Sometimes we also end up documenting and posting pictures on our respective social media handles first rather than enjoying the experience and living in the moment.

The Early influence of technology may cause children or students to be distracted at schools, colleges or even at home. This may result in poor grades and negatively impact the motive of learning. Advances in technology can lead to much higher patient costs due to the amount of research and manufacturing costs.

As technology advances patient costs will continue to increase especially due to the fact that it may offer a solution which probably didn’t exist in the earlier days. As we already discussed how technology saves time in businesses, it may also increase costs as well. Computer software, online tools, and training employees can increase business costs. It is highly possible that you may end up spending more than you earn.

Addiction to technology and social media can impact our lifestyle and health in many ways. It may cause us stress, poor eyesight and sometimes even hearing loss. The radiation from a smartphone can also cause to be very harmful. Finding the right balance mankind has reached a point right now where turning back is no longer an option. Advancement of Technology has become a trend we no longer can ignore. The key to moving forward is to find the right balance so that our society enjoys more of the positive benefits and experiences less of the negatives.

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