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5 Wildest National Parks In South Africa

Among the greenest and wildest countries, South Africa National Parks instantly reminds us of all the jungle which we have sighted in various movies when the camera is rolled rapidly over the thousand kilometres spread lush green jungle and hint of varied animals and birds wandering in liberty. While laid back on the couch and watching the screen in amazement, we all, at some instant, have thought of exploring the amazing places of Africa to its fullest.

Any fine day, if you gather all the essentials to set off to this amazing piece of land, these five places must be on top of your itinerary since they will, approximately, give you all the pleasure of the wild habitat which South Africa clinches in its arms.

Mapungubwe National Park:
Having talked about movies, let me tell you about Mapungubwe National Park, which has been picturised in numerous screenings. Starting from crocodiles and meerkats to 400 spices of birds and wild creatures, this national park also consists of some alluring sights including woodlands and sandstone formation. Other animals which you would inevitably encounter are oryxes, zebras, hyenas, baboons and kudus.
The Mapungubwe National park makes for a perfect and peaceful jungle safari, which is why it has been jotted down into the list of world heritage sights.

Kruger National Park:
If you wish to be at a place where it is filled with a plethora of wildness yet the safari rangers and guides are trustworthy to keep you safe, then you should never miss Kruger National park. The land of lions and elephants, this place often faces the entrance of poachers, who arrive for an illegal animal body part robbing, against whom strict laws have been made. Well, if you are lucky, you would not face such misfortunes and have an exciting journey across the huge Kruger National park.

Pilanesberg National Park:
If you are good at geography and have a brief knowledge about famous places of South Africa, then you should be familiar with Sun City, which is the entertainment capital of the country. Pilanesberg National park is minutes drive from Sun city which gives you a perfect contrasting feel of bustling city road immediately transforming into a natural sight.
Along with a hefty chance to have an encounter with African buffaloes, rhinoceros, lions, cheetahs, leopards, zebras and elephants, you would not face a problem with the accommodation since the place is filled with a number of adjacent lodges.

Madikwe Game Reserve:
Due to its unyieldingness, Madikwe was transformed from a huge farm into a game reserve which is now the fifth largest wildlife sanctuary in South Africa. Along with a host of wild creatures, you can have the joy of sheer plushness since the place is filled with numerous eco-lodges. Also, your gastronomical urge will be satisfied by the incredibly delicious speciality food of the place.
Coming to the purpose for which you will be visiting Madikwe, your camera lenses will get huge options of wild companions to capture including lions, cheetahs, rhinoceroses, zebras, impalas and ostriches.

Kgalagadi Transfrontier park:
Covered by a thousand kilometre desert, Kgalagadi park might seem to be abandoned by human life for over thousand years. You would not find major habitats residing over here, and the ones you will encounter will be worth doing a thorough study about them. Kagalagadi is a term that refers to ‘a land of thirst’ and you will literally not find plenty of water to drink, dried lakes will be the prime evidence of it. But, what else you will come across for sure are furious wild animals such as lions and cheetahs, acting in their own threatening way.
Scorching hot in afternoon and extremely chill at night, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Parks is also a destinations for bird lovers.

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