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6 Ways to Ensure Your Legacy Continues

Who says the your legacy is all about money or property only? There can be numerous things like personal lessons, photos, possessions, tips, knowledge, etc.; which you can pass on. This is all about the story of your life. It’s time to ensure your legacy continues. If you don’t know what you should pick, we have separated this stuff into easy things to help you comprehend and start.

  1. Share Your Thoughts

Pen down all your beautiful thoughts which you have for your family and friends. You can share those stories, tips and lessons with your loved ones which you like them to keep alive even after you are gone. Either you can make notes in a diary or use word document on a computer to record them. Whatever option you choose, make sure that someone knows where you have kept the information. This person can share the information with others after you’re gone. You can also share favourite pics of yourself, which can be used for memorisation purposes.

  1. Talk about Your Priceless Possessions

Share the story and thoughts about special things you own along with a story behind them.  Your Legacy It is also the time to tell your loved ones about your will. Also, it is the time to tell your loved ones that you have purchased a term insurance policy for them. The policy will become active after your death and gives financial security to your family members. Make sure that your nominee knows about your term insurance plan and where you have kept the policy document. A term insurance plan can help only if the nominee approaches the insurer and therefore, make sure that they know about your policy and related details.

  1. Unveil Your Family History

Keep your family tree alive for future generation by sharing details about deceased family members. Your Legacy Along with citing the relation, you can also include other details like name, birthday and favourite memories.

  1. Share Old Photos

Even though it is a digitalised world, every family possess some rare photos. Make sure they aren’t lost or forgotten. Plus, imagine how exciting it would be for someone from the current generation to know about their great-great grandparents in that photo which they find in an old album. You can also include the location and date of clicking the photo. Don’t forget to mention the name of who’s in the photos.

  1. Write Down Favourite Family Recipes

There is one that special dish that only your grandma can cook. Don’t you want your coming generation to enjoy its taste? Though your grandma might not be able to cook for them; you can store her recipes in a book and preserve them for the coming generation. Here’s the information that you can include: Name of the recipe, list of ingredients and cooking instructions.

  1. Discuss Your Charity Work

It’s time to talk about your good deeds. Write down names, addresses and phone numbers of all the charity organisations and causes with which you are currently associated with. Your LegacyThese are charities where you would like donations to go in your name after your demise.

If you have a term insurance policy, your nominee can donate a certain portion of the payout towards your favourite charities as well.

It’s Time to Write Letters to Special People of Your Life

Again, in today’s hi-tech world, handwritten letters might look old-fashioned things. However, it is where you get the chance to let your family and friends know how you feel about them. There is something special about these letters written to the people you love, directly from your heart.

Amazing people surround your life, and each person might require a different set of messages to cope with the grief after you are gone. It doesn’t need to be a lengthy note, but it should be something that they will likely to treasure for the rest of their lives.

The mere thought of this letter might give you Goosebumps and misty eyes because this is the culmination of what life has taught you in these years and what you like to share with others. Indeed, it is a meaningful gift for your loved ones.

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