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An insightful interview with the co-founder of DataAegis Software – Mr Ankit Prakash

An insightful interview with the co-founder of DataAegis Software - Mr Ankit Prakash

Technology and B2B Marketing are getting massive popularity in today’s date, what does the co-founder of one such company has to say?

Let’s take a look at an exclusive interview with Mr. Ankit Prakash!

  • Tell us more about your company DataAegis Software Pvt Ltd?

DataAegis Software Pvt Ltd is the company name and it runs B2B SaaS products EasySendy and Aritic. Both of these products came into existence back in 2015; after Mr Ankit took an exit from his last startup Dealstan. Aritic is for mid-enterprise companies, whereas EasySendy is used by small businesses across Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and SEA markets. Currently, more than 1500+ business users are using these products for their business team and company.

  • What were the most difficult challenges you faced while starting your business?

Hiring resources for cutting edge technologies has been the big challenge for B2B startups growing out of India.

  • There are so many coders and app developers coming up in this digital era, what are your strategies to cope up with this tough competition?

To run a successful business, a plan to maintain sustainable and growing cash flow is the key. Businesses anywhere need to adapt to new technologies as and where ever it is required for fueling the growth. To save the business from technical debt; we keep on adopting new technologies. It’s good news to have that; inside the Indian market, we have many coders and app developers available. This will definitely bridge the talent gap.

  • What made you chose this type of business?

Mr Ankit has been in the software and information business since 2006. Having successfully run the different businesses; today, he is where we can see the leading EasySendy and Aritic products in the market.

  • How do you plan to expand your business?

We are already doing business with B2B enterprise customers from Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and SEA markets. We have planned to penetrate the Indian market by 2022.

Having partners across several continents also requesting us to open up more offices at several locations.

  • After all this success, what do you struggle with now?

Struggles are always there; it depends on how we see them. If we don’t want to work on the challenges; it may become a struggle someday.

  • What is your opinion will be your biggest achievement?

Getting ourselves listed at Nasdaq.

  • What advice would you like to give to your fellow developers and freshers who want to open their startups in this field?

Follow your passion, get deep into the subject matter and keep on solving challenging problems of the market.

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