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Bipolar Disorder in women- All you need to know!

Bipolar disorder is a type of mental illness. It is also called manic depression or bipolar disorder. This is due to an imbalance in the dopamine hormone. In which the mood/mind remains either very sad or very happy for several weeks or months in a row. This disease is found more in the age of 20-30.

When you have depression, you feel hopeless or depressed and lose interest in most activities. On the other hand, when the mood shifts in the other direction, then you can feel full of celebration and energy. Mood changes can happen only a few times a year or even several times a week. Mood swings are more severe, debilitating, and disabling in people with bipolar disorder than are experienced by the general population. Some people may also have hallucinations (nightmares, etc.) and other symptoms.

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Yes, at times we all go through such feelings and recover in 2-3 days. Whereas in bipolar disorder, such a condition persists for more than two weeks. It also causes extreme mood swings.

Nowadays manic depression is spreading very fast and now women are also seeing more symptoms of bipolar disorder. But due to lack of information, they are not able to take treatment at the right time and this manic depression later takes a fatal form. So know the symptoms of bipolar disorder in women and types, causes of bipolar disorder.

Types of bipolar disorder

Type One Bipolar – Mania

In bipolar disorder, many times the patient has rapid seizures. In this, the patient starts talking loudly. Works continuously feel little need for sleep, and yet remains fit. It can last for about 3-6 months. This period is called mania. A person suffering from this disorder takes any decision without thinking. In this, it is difficult to keep the mind steady in one place.

Type Two Bipolar – Hypomania
In this disorder, the patient feels sadness again and again. I do not feel like doing any work, I feel like crying, I can’t sleep at all or I get too much sleep. There is no energy in the body and feels like lying on the bed. Such a person does not even feel like meeting anyone and gets under a lot of stress.

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms in Women

This disorder is found in three or five per cent of 100 people. If you feel these symptoms, consult an expert immediately. Sometimes the symptoms of bipolar disorder in women can be life-threatening

Type I Bipolar – Symptoms of Mania

  • to work continuously
  • consider yourself too big
  • disconnect from reality
  • wandering or being distracted
  • lack of sleep and appetite
  • over-confidence
  • keep talking nonsense
  • having trouble making decisions
  • feeling more anxious or happy

Type II Bipolar – Symptoms of Hypomania

  • irritability
  • Nervousness
  • lack of energy in the body
  • to cry
  • less interest in sex
  • lack of confidence
  • despair about the future
  • sleeplessness or excessive sleepiness
  • to hate yourself
  • hurt oneself
  • suicidal ideation
  • do not eat
  • unwilling to meet anyone

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Causes of Bipolar disorder in Woman

Genetic: If someone in the family already has this disease, then there is a possibility of passing it on to other members.

Neurotransmitters: Due to an imbalance of chemicals inside the brain, a special kind of disease develops, which is called neurotransmitters. This is also the main factor of bipolar disorder

Excessive mental stress: Bipolar disorder can be caused by being under excessive stress for a long time.

Alcohol or drug addiction: Drugs, alcohol, other intoxicants can cause bipolar disorder.

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Bipolar disorder treatment

According to doctors, for its treatment, a ‘mood stabilizer’ or a stabilizer is used in the membrane of the brain so that the amount of dopamine can be balanced and the disease can be controlled. Today the treatment of bipolar disorder is possible with many medicines and therapies. That is why the victim is advised to contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Ways to treat bipolar disorder in Women

With the consultation of a doctor, some changes in your lifestyle can control bipolar disorder. Follow these even if women show symptoms of bipolar disorder

  • Balanced Diet: Include healthy food in your diet routine. Abstain from fast food.
  • Yoga and exercise: By regular walking, jogging, yoga, meditation, etc., you learn to control your thoughts to a great extent. Exercise also increases the energy level in the body.
  • Avoid them: Avoid the use of intoxicants. It is forbidden to take drugs, alcohol even during the treatment
  • Understand stress: To reduce stress, first know its cause. After that try to get rid of it instead of ignoring it.
  • Sleep problems: Track your sleep. Know-how, in what environment, at what time you get the best sleep. Because it is common for people with bipolar disorder to have sleep problems.
  • Seek help: If stress is increasing due to someone, then talk to them openly. Talking feels lighter. Also share your stress, over-thinking problems with your family, friends, or psychologist/counselor with whom you enjoy talking.
  • Self-love: Make a habit of loving yourself. Take time for yourself. Talk to yourself. Do your favorite thing. If you can’t do something, say no. This is also an option in the therapy of bipolar disorder. This will definitely reduce your trouble.


Mood stabilizer – whether you have bipolar (I) or bipolar (II) disorder, you may usually need mood-stabilizing medication to control manic and hypomanic
Antipsychotic – If symptoms of depression or mania persist despite treatment with other medications, adding antipsychotic medications to them may help. Your doctor may prescribe some of these drugs alone or in combination with mood stabilizer medications.
Antidepressants – Your doctor may also prescribe an antidepressant to help manage depression. But sometimes antidepressant medications can trigger a manic episode, so mostly mood stabilizers and antipsychotic drugs are prescribed along with them
Antidepressants-Antipsychotic – Symbyax drugs work as stress relievers and mood stabilizers. Symbian is specifically approved for the treatment of episodes of depression associated with bipolar I and bipolar II disorders.
Anti-anxiety – These drugs are usually used to relieve anxiety for a short time. (Read more – Yogasanas for Anxiety).

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