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Top 10 places in Chennai that you definitely need to visit.

Are you planning a trip to Chennai, Tamil Nadu’s capital city? You’re in for a surprise. Chennai is well-known as an IT centre, but that isn’t all. This well-established city has a lot more to offer visitors and environment enthusiasts. There are temples, lovely beaches, waterfalls, parks, and so forth. The exquisite blend of classic beauty and modern culture will leave an indelible impression on your mind. You may be sure that your vacation to Chennai will be full of great people and delectable cuisine.

While you plan your vacation to Chennai, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 finest locations to see in Chennai to make your trip even more enjoyable.

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  • Marina Beach

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Are you sick of the searing heat of Chennai? Allow Marina Beach to be a relaxing getaway for you. Beaches in Chennai along the Bay of Bengal coast, which happens to be India’s longest and one of the world’s longest. Do you have enough time to visit this magnificent area in the morning or evening? We recommend that you should not miss out on the breathtaking view of the sun setting or rising from the beach. From the beachside vendors, you may purchase items such as counterfeit jewellery and shell memories. It is one of the greatest locations to visit in Chennai with friends since it is ideal for building sandcastles or playing activities like beach volleyball.

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  • Thousand Lights Mosque

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This multi-domed mosque, a cherished site of prayer for local Muslims, practically lights up Chennai’s Royapettah neighbourhood. It is thought that in the past, around 1000 lights were necessary to illuminate the hall of this mosque, which is why it is known as the Thousand Lights Mosque. This location, it goes without saying, looks simply stunning all lit up: it is, therefore, one of the most popular spots to visit in Chennai at night. This mosque exemplifies the brilliance of mediaeval architectural style, with two minarets soaring at a height of roughly 64 feet.

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  • Dakshinachitra

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DakshinaChitra, which literally translates to “a picture of the south,” is a living history museum in Chennai. More than 4000 artefacts are shown in 18 homes that exhibit the culture, architecture, craft, and lifestyle of the four South Indian states — Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh/Telangana, and Karnataka. A fast tour to four states under one roof? Please, yes! If you’re seeking locations to visit in Chennai with your family, this is the spot to go because your kids will learn a lot about South India here.

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  • Fort St. George

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St. George Fort, considered the earliest British garrison in India, was established as early as 1644 along the Bay of Bengal coast. Tourists flock to this fort because it houses the Church of St. Mary, the country’s oldest Anglican church, as well as the Wellesley House Museum. Travellers may see the earliest structures created by the British and marvel at their architectural beauty. The Museum has some extremely rare items from India’s Maharaja period. Tourists may take a guided tour of St. George Fort, also known as White Town in the past, to witness the splendour that it has displayed over the previous 10 years. Tourists may enjoy a guided tour of St. George Fort, also known as White Town, and see the majesty that it has displayed during the previous 10 years as the Administrative Headquarters of Tamil Nadu’s Legislative Assembly.

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  • Mylapore

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Take a journey to the marketplaces and see the city’s oldest districts to get a taste of ethnic Chennai. The Mylapore tank and the Mandavali region are ideal for this purpose. It is the city’s oldest residential area, and the tank is a component of the seventh-century Kapaleeshwar Temple. The entire region is developed around this temple, which is, to a visitor’s surprise, the ideal site to view Chennai’s culture. The short alleys and roads leading to the temple are teeming with flower merchants and religious donations. It is a unique phenomenon that will allow you to blend in with the locals.

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  • Vandalur Zoo

The Arignar Anna Zoological Park, also known as Vandalur Zoo, was India’s first public zoo, opening in 1855. Vandalur Zoo is India’s largest zoological park, spanning 230 acres. The zoo, which is roughly 30 kilometres from the city centre, has around 1500 wild species, including 46 endangered species. A must-see for animal enthusiasts and families with children.

Committee appointed to find out if exotic trees were planted at Chennai's  Vandalur Zoo - The Hindu
Image credit – The Hindu
  • Kapaleeshwarar Temple

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The Kapaleeshwarar temple is a Shiva shrine in Mylapore, Chennai. Originally erected by the powerful Pallavas, the temple was damaged by Portuguese explorers and restored by the Vijayanagar monarchs around the 16th century. A visit to this temple would be enhanced by a view into Tamil religious tradition as well as the exquisite architectural blend of two styles – Dravidian and Vijaynagari, replete with towering Gopurams. On the western side, there is also a holy tank.

The temple, as predicted, has a number of tales around it, which are still perpetuated by authorities in the form of sculptures and inscriptions. In reality, a peahen and a peacock are maintained as pets inside the temple grounds to honour the tale of Goddess Parvati worshipping Shiva here as a bird. The palatial temple also honours the Tamil Shaivite saint poets Nayaars, with shrines dedicated to each of them. All 63 poets’ gods are revered at the Brahmotsav festival, which takes place every year between mid-March and mid-April.

  • Santhome Cathedral Basilica Church

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The Santhome Cathedral Basilica Church is significant in the Christian religion because it was erected on the spot where Saint Thomas, one of Jesus’ twelve Apostles, died. Saint Thomas is said to have erected a church hereafter visiting India in AD 52. Then, in the 16th century, the Portuguese erected the Basilica, which was later renovated by the British in 1893. The Church showcases magnificent British architecture that has been well kept and symbolises the faith of Catholic worshippers. The Church has attracted followers from all around the world; in 1986, Pope John Paul II prayed in this church.

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  • Guindy National Park

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Guindy National Park is India’s only park located within the city suburbs. This is one of the smallest parks in the country, yet it is home to a wide range of trees, plants, and wildlife. You could catch a glimpse of a rare Black Winged Kite while on a safari in this park if you’re lucky. This park is home to several snake and reptile species that are preserved at the neighbouring Guindy Snake Park, as well as Spotted Deer, Elephants, and certain kinds of wild cats. You may witness the majesty of the enigmatic Indian King Cobra and journey inside its domain with the in-house species of Adders and Vipers. Tourists may also participate in the Chennai Turtle Walk at midnight to protect the endangered Olive Ridley Sea turtle.

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  • Golden Beach

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Last but not least, Golden Beach should be the last stop on your tour to Chennai. This beach is well-known for its expansive golden sands that line the coastlines of gorgeous blue seas. It belongs to the VGP Universal Kingdom and is one of Chennai’s cleanest beaches. This beach is ideal for families, with its 2000 millennium tower, statue man, aqua kingdom, and sand kingdom. With your loved ones, enjoy the magnificent golden sands at sunset. What a state of mind!

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