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Cancer: A Financial Bomb Blast On Family

Cancer, one of the most dreadful diseases have affected the world significantly with its grip. The medical fraternity is worried and concerned about its disastrous impact as millions of people die a premature and unwanted death because of it with various types of cancers. The medical fraternity across the world is battling hard to come up with cure despite all odds. Several research centers around the globe are working day and night to find the clue into research work.

Cancer has altogether four stages. As the stages progress, the severity goes on increasing. In the initial stage of cancer, the possibilities of it getting cured are high but as the stages progress the possibilities gets diminished. Hence, the early detection is the key to cure cancer. One got to act promptly without any delay whatsoever.

The treatment of Cancer is a very expensive affair and people are wary of it as hefty amount incurred in it. The Cancer treatment is termed as Chemotherapy. It is very cumbersome and tedious process. Many doctor’s visits are required during this process and it affects the budget very badly and the routine life goes haywire. Hence, Cancer is not a disease; it’s a financial bomb blast on a family as all of a sudden substantial resources are drained out leaving no scope for recovery from the setback. The cost of treatment in any private hospital can range from two to ten lacs approximately. It has been observed that in India 70-75% cancer cases are detected only in the advanced stages making it very difficult to overcome despite spending a hefty amount. The lower and the middle class suffer the most due to this disease and at times it becomes very difficult to overcome for them. Getting health coverage by insurance is the only solution to the problems.

Cancer not only affects the health but also affects the morale and enthusiasm of the individual and his/her family towards the life. The cancer patients break down from within very badly and that is more dangerous than cancer itself. People get the feeling that he/ she is leading towards the so-called death, which in a similar way affects their families too.

Cancer can happen in any age group and one cannot avoid it come what may. cancer possibilities of occurrence are in the person who uses tobacco/smoking or even to the passive smokers. cancer In women, generally breast cancer is found and it is getting more predominant day by day and is engulfing more number of women across the day. The reason being could be anything may be the lifestyle.

It is generally observed that to get health, travel, car or any type of insurance with a history of cancer is troublesome. An insurance company does not approve the sudden increase cancer in expenses in the name of cancer treatment sometimes compels people to go for financial loans. It gets difficult to repay that loan amount along with the interest amount.  During the period of chemotherapy treatment of cancer, people have to take leaves from the workplace. That means reduced pay from work for the family expenditure.

Family members and friends of a person coping with cancer may also find themselves under a great deal of stress.


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