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Does Social Media Marketing is Creating Communities or Conversion?

How People Use Social Media marketing to Expand Their Business.

Social media marketing is an amazing factor growing the business at a huge speed. The consumer is getting involved with their brands and this is building the trust and attention factor towards the product. But still, the business leader is going through one question does it make the main objective to reach their marketing targets? In financial investment?

According to the new static which shows that social media is increasing the visibility of the business in the market.

The study analysed more than 4,800 marketers with the goal of understanding how they’re using social media to grow and promote their businesses.

Social Media Marketing is basically good for branding activity. I’m going to say if the brand is looking for launching the product in the ecosystem. So, I will just split the entire ecosystem, the entire marketing campaign in two Part one is your branding campaign and the other is a conversion tactic. Now some people have said that social media doesn’t work for the conversion campaign but in reality, it works.

It works for conversion too. Social media is a platform where a lot of people interact and they have different opinions. Platforms like LinkedIn are browsed with the objective of having a professional approach.

Nowadays, LinkedIn is working good for the job seekers hence people prefer it over Facebook where demographics have changed. As the maximum users of Facebook are among the age group of 23 to 50 years, looking at the teenagers, they are fond of Instagram, and it’s more female dominated.

So social media is good because it has user-generated content and people interact with each other. So, it integrates the mass making it a good platform to have a branding campaign.

So when you are looking to launch a product, to create a good video, a good GIF or would it be creating a good Whiteboard Videos, launch on social media, as it has a potential to give you huge traffic to your website. It can create a curiosity among people driving them to your website and explore the product.

When an intent is coming to a website, technically, the concept of cookies in the ecosystem get dropped and once user browses our website, they can be targeted on different platforms.

So if you’re looking for a new brand and want to launch a product on ecosystem definitely, you should do the awareness campaign on social media, drive traffic to your landing page of the website.

Stop that campaign and start the remarketing campaign for the conversion. This way, the social media will give you the conversion only during the awareness campaign will not give the conversion.

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