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Everything To Know About A Smoking Pipe

If you’re starting to smoke, you may feel overwhelmed by the different types of smoking pipes available. You can find them in several shapes, sizes, and materials. Each pipe you find in an online smoke shop is unique, and it carries its properties and aesthetics.

Different Types of Smoking Pipes

Whether you’re looking to smoke tobacco or your favorite herb, finding a suitable pipe is the first step. It will dictate the type of hit, the feeling, and the activity’s appeal.

Some different pipes found are apple pipe, churchwarden pipe, sherlock pipe, one-hitters, calabash pipe, Gandalf pipe, billiard pipe, etc.

While these are the most common families of smoking pipes, they all ultimately serve the same purpose; to make smoking fun and enjoyable. Moreover, each tube has its characteristics- the carburetor, length of neck, bowl depth, and the intensity of the hit.

The most popular material used to construct these pipes includes wood such as mahogany, beech, ebony, cherry, clay, glass, porcelain, and metal.

Each material imparts its properties to the hit. For instance, a glass pipe is perfect if you want a pure, unadulterated hit. But if you prefer a smoky or woody hit, you can go for a pipe with briarwood, as listed. Further, the material will also determine the cost of the pipe. Most briar pipes retail on the higher side and are considered collectibles by smoking connoisseurs. If you’re new to the game, it’s best to stick with glass or metal. They’re cheap, sturdy, and easy to clean, making them ideal for a newbie.

What are Some Popular Smoking Accessories?

No smoking experience is complete without a few unique accessories. Not only will these supplement your smoking, but they also add more drama and color, making your new hobby more exciting. You can get these easily from an online smoke shop.


While these are not precisely smoking accessories, glass chillums are extremely popular among amateurs. They are tiny and discrete pipes that can hold a small amount of product. Due to their size, they’re easy to pack and clean, making them the perfect choice if you’re looking for something to deliver a powerful hit in seconds without much effort.

Carb Caps

Carb caps are a must for a flat top, thermal, or bucket banger to improve the flow and heat and streamline airflow for a better hit. Moreover, carb caps are available in several designs and patterns, allowing you to add a bit of personality and color to your sessions.


Suppose you enjoy filling in your tobacco or herb manually; having a dabber is ideal. It will allow you to quickly pick your concentrate from the tin and transfer it to the pipe’s bowl without staining your fingers.

Ash Catchers and Reclaimers

An ash catch is perfect for helping you make the most of your herb, and it will allow you to reclaim and reuse your leftover product while making cleanup easy later.

Glow in the Dark Pencils

UV beads or pearls are some of the most fun smoking accessories in the market. They will allow you to add color and jazz to your banger for a more psychedelic experience.

Dab Rigs

It is a water pipe used to inhale herb extracts or dabs by filtering the essence through the water. Further, you can also use it for other extracts from flowers, hash, and so on.


If you want to add to your smoking experience, you’re in the right place. With the correct type of pipe and supporting accessories, you can create the best smoking kit for your needs.

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