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Fifteen Haunted Places Around the World That Will Give You Goosebumps

There are several places across the world with a reputation for being truly haunted, even if some haunted homes might look a little hokey because they are filled with actors costumed as ghouls, goblins, and mad scientists.

Some of these locations are cloaked in mystery and have long-standing tales. Others are considerably more recent, yet their sad pasts are deeply ingrained in them. Whether these locations date from the 12th or the 20th century, they all have a fascinating past full of eerie encounters and ghost sightings.

Here is a list of fifteen haunted places around the world:

  1. Raynham Hall, Norfolk, England

This lovely rural house has a troubled past. According to the December 1936 edition of Country Life, one of the ghosts seen on camera was the enigmatic “Brown Lady,” who was thought to be Lady Dorothy Walpole. Throughout the year, people can visit the home on Open Days.

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  1. Poveglia, Venice, Italy

The lovely island of Poveglia, which is only a short boat ride from Venice, served as a quarantine area in the past for plague victims. In the early 20th century, the island also served as a mental hospital. This location is allegedly a centre of paranormal activity, however, visiting it is now forbidden.

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  1. Bhangarh Fort, India

The Bhangarh Fort is located two hundred miles from Delhi. According to legend, a magician cursed the region after being spurned by a local princess. The spectacular remnants of the fort are still open to visitors.

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  1. Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-under-edge, England

One of the oldest inns in the Western world, it dates back to the 12th century. It is thought to have been a pagan and claims to be haunted by more than 20 ghosts, including ghost children and a pagan high priestess. . Courageous visitors can reserve a ghost hunt at the inn in the hopes of actually experiencing the spirits.

  1. Port Arthur, Australia

For worldly ghost hunters, Port Arthur offers a variety of ghost tours. The Tasmanian town, which was a convict settlement in the 18th century, is today the scene of a flurry of paranormal activity.

  1. Burg Wolfsegg, Wolfsegg, Germany

This 800-year-old castle in the German town of Wolfsegg is allegedly haunted by a woman who frightens away any passing visitors. She is believed to be Klara von Helfenstein’s ghost, who was allegedly killed by her jealous husband. From May through mid-October, the castle is accessible to tourists on the weekends and on holidays.

  1. Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, Massachusetts

An egregious and widely reported murder took place in this allegedly haunted bed and breakfast in 1892. Despite being exonerated, Lizzie Borden was thought to have used a hatchet to murder her father and stepmother in the unassuming home. Since then, visitors to the property have reported a variety of unusual sightings. Adventuresome visitors who wish to see the infamous property for themselves can book ghost tours and overnight stays.

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  1. Château de Brissac, Brissac-Quincé, France

The infamous murder of Charlotte de Brézé took place in this towering building. The tradition holds that Charlotte, King Charles VII’s illegitimate daughter, was murdered by her husband after he found out about their relationship. A “Green Lady,” so-called because of the colour of her attire, is rumoured to have been spotted wandering the hallways. The majestic castle is still accessible (and the architecture alone is worth the trip). The opening hours are listed on the webpage.

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  1. The Stankey Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

This well-known Rocky Mountain destination is credited with serving as one of the sources of inspiration for Stephen King’s “The Shining,” but it also has a frightening past of its own. Staff workers have allegedly come across ghosts, including a maid from Room 217 who is rumoured to pack up visitors’ clothes when they aren’t looking. The hotel is a wonderful starting point for exploring Rocky Mountain National Park and currently provides four distinct types of accommodations.

  1. Tower of London, London, England

The Tower of London has served as the final resting place for several historical figures. The famous fortress has a long history of tragedies, and numerous ghostly sightings of English royalty, including Anne Boleyn and Mary, Queen of Scots, have taken place there. Visitors to London must see this tower, but paranormal investigators should keep an eye out for any apparitions while they’re there.

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  1. Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California

Sarah Winchester built this dizzying maze of a home after the passing of her husband, rifle magnate William Wirt Winchester, to protect herself from vengeful ghosts murdered by her husband’s weapons. The house contains 47 staircases, some of which lead nowhere at all, four stories, 160 rooms, and 10,000 panes of glass.  There are several house tours available, including a spooky All Hallows’ Eve tour.

  1. The Driskill, Austin, Texas

Since 1886, this historic hotel has hosted a number of well-known celebrities, so you may be sure that a ghost stalks the corridors. Two women on their honeymoons who committed themselves in the same room 20 years apart is one of the most well-known legends associated with the property. Today, visitors are still welcome at the hotel in downtown Austin.

  1. Akershus Fortress, Norway

This mediaeval fortress, which is thought to be the most haunted site in Norway, functioned as a defensive stronghold for the city of Oslo. The ghost of a woman with no facial characteristics, known as Mantelgeisten, and a demon hound named Malcanisen, who is rumoured to defend the castle’s gates, are the two most often reported sightings. Travellers interested in ghosts should visit the castle while they are in Oslo because it is free to do so.

  1. Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

The Dutch East India Company’s ships used this enormous fortification as a replenishment station. The tall man seen pacing the ramparts and the “Gray Lady,” seen crying in the hallways, are two of the most well-known ghosts to roam the premises. The fortress is still open for tours so that people may learn more about South African history. It is one of the most thrilling haunted places around the world.

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  1. Catacombs, Paris, France

With the remains of more than six million people scattered throughout the underground tunnels, the Paris Catacombs are genuinely unsettling. Some of the tunnels may still be visited today, but be warned—they are not for the faint of heart.

Here we come to the end of the article, have you been to any of these haunted places around the world?

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