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How To Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to obtain a natural look that enhances your beauty. Many types of hair extensions are available in the market, depending on length, quality, and type of attachment. One of the popular hair extension alternatives is clip-ins. The clip-in hair extensions should be used correctly to make the results look natural and seamless.

Everyone has a different natural length. With clips extensions hair, one can make a uniform look without changing anything about their natural hair. There are some considerations to look into before going out with clip-in hair extensions.

Here are things to keep in mind:

Separate Into Groups

The pack of extensions will come in different wefts. These wefts have to be divided into groups based on their natural division. For instance, most extension packs will have a total of seven wefts. These wefts are then divided into several clips. Each weft can have 1-4 clips, depending on density.

Your first job will be to divide the pack into different wefts and the wefts into different groups. Separation into groups makes the process easier because you can identify which portion to attach to the scalp. Always do separation based on the number of clips on the weft.

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Section Off Your Hair

The first step of attaching clips with extensions for hair to the scalp is sectioning off different parts of the hair. Much like the hair extensions have been separated, your natural hair needs to be separated to hold the extensions better. It is important for proper blending of the different hair textures.

At first, only the hair near the nape should be left, while all others should be filed on top of the head. If the hair is just washed, it is best to use dry shampoo for the clips to maintain a good grip. Backcombing is necessary to help the clips hold on to the natural hair.

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Brush And Prepare The Extensions

The hair extensions have to be treated with equal care. Prepping the natural hair means one must be ready with the clip-on. Make sure to brush the extensions for a silky smooth finish. It is best to detangle the extensions before attaching them for more comfort. One should use a wide-toothed comb for the same.

While brushing is the first part, preparing will include curling or straightening them. These extra processes are recommended so that the extensions can match the hair’s natural texture and blend seamlessly. Heat protection should always be used. One can use a cloth hanger to do the styling for the extensions. It will make things easier.

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Apply Close To The Part

Since the hair will be sectioned off one by one, the applying technique should remain uniform throughout the process. One should use the comb-like part of the clip to stay as close to the roots as possible.

It gives a very natural look to the extensions. Start in the middle and work your way out. Snap the clip shut when the comb is adjusted as close to the scalp as possible. Keeping the clips on hair extensions about an inch away from the hairline will give the best results.


Clip-in hair extensions are natural and can be attached at home without hassle. They are great options for anyone who wants to increase the length and volume of their hair for any occasion. They are easy to maintain and give natural hair a glossy and sleek finish. They will also be good for a quick makeover.

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