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Free Online Courses Offered By Harvard University You Can’t Miss

We all dreamt of studying at the prestigious Harvard University at some point in our academic life. But very few could make through it. Gone are the days when Harvard was every student’s daydream. Harvard University is offering free online courses in diverse fields at your doorstep. You can enrol in various online courses for free. All these courses are self- paced and require a time commitment of 3-7 hours a day depending upon your selection of course. Here is a list of most popular online courses trending at Harvard for you:

  1. Entrepreneurship in Emerging economics

Economics is the most favourite subject of all Indians. The course is free and lasts for 6 weeks. The course helps to explore how entrepreneurship and innovation tackle complex social issues in emerging economies. The duration of the program is of 6 weeks.

2.     JUSTICE

Justice is one of the most popular courses taught at Harvard College. The student will get an opportunity to learn moral and political philosophy and discuss contemporary dilemmas and controversies. The course is self- paced and will continue for 12 weeks.

3.     CS50: Introduction to Computer Sciences

There are many courses you can discover that are related to science and technology. Among them, CS50: Introduction to Computer Sciences comes under most trending courses of Harvard free online course list. This course is a programming course and will introduce you to languages such as C, PHP, and JavaScript plus SQL, CSS and HTML. It has a time duration of 11 weeks.

4.     The Architectural imagination

Among several options Harvard offer, this course will surely catch your eye. You will learn the fundamental principles of architecture by studying some of history’s most important buildings. This is a 10 weeks long course.

5.     Shakespeare’s Life and Work

You can’t miss this if you breathe literature. This 4 weeks stretched course will take you deep inside Shakespeare’s plays and dramas, different approaches to textual interpretation and his present relevance.

6.     Science and Cooking

The chefs and Harvard researchers will explore how everyday cooking and haute cuisine can illuminate basic principles in chemistry, physics, and engineering. You will learn about how various chemical reactions can affect food texture and flavours. The course is of 6 weeks duration and will make you a scientist who thinks like a chef.

Apart from the above mentioned online courses, there are more than 90 online courses that you can explore at Harvard University. Different courses are listed under independent subjects. Most trending courses are displayed at the top of the website. All you need to do is to select your course and register yourself for its edX platform.

Happy Learning!

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