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Importance of IoT in Media

IoT (Internet of Things) will have a great impact on the Media industry as well, apart from the other sectors, be it any kind of Media. However, the major impact will be on the electronic media. Nowadays, the social media platform such Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc playing a vital role in the life common people to Corporate to Government. Coupled with the power of IoT, media will do wonder for sure. It will like omnipresent, prevalent almost everywhere.

 The following will be the Importance of IoT in Media and which will take it to beyond imagination:

  • Better & enhanced Broadcasting of News: The quality of broadcasting will be enhanced to a great extent coupled with the use of IoT connected devices. The viewer and audience will have altogether a mind-blowing experience. The live coverage quality of any event or performance will reach an all-time high when IoT connected devices come into full actions. For example, look at the live coverage of IPL (Indian Premier League) has gone to the next level for sure. The super-high-quality camera gives wonderful live coverage of the Cricket match. This way the TV audiences are getting instant gratification and great delight.
  • Better Navigation: The navigation of any kind (road, water, air or space) will better and safe with Google when connected to IoT devices. It will provide accuracy, consistency to any kind of navigation. It will provide the real-time traffic information to the navigators and thereby helping them make the wise decision always and refrain from committing any type mistakes or accidents.
  • Virtual Browsing will Minimize Time Period: The online shopping has already gained momentum and popularity among common people across the world. It has benefited many businesses in reducing the operation cost. The virtual browsing with IoT enabled devices to various e-commerce websites will benefit the online shoppers in doing the smart purchase with less consuming time. The customers can do the virtual shopping through video calling and surely will have enhanced the experience and eventually will make a better decision.
  • Privacy: The so-called privacy of the common people will not die. However, the people’s conception of privacy will gradually become more and more sophisticated and predefined in the digital age. It will be totally on the people’s choice when to be socially active and when not to be.
  • Healthcare: The healthcare industry will be benefitted to a great extent with the help of social media tools. The patients will be able to connect with the best of the doctors all over the world instantly without any hassle using social media tools. The IoT connected devices will help in better diagnosis with more accuracy. People can share their personal healthcare information with their concern healthcare professionals instantly through social media tools and live a better and healthy life.
  • Reduction in Operating Cost: The IoT will reduce the cost of operating of Media Industry to a great extent. These days’ media do not have to visit the world to gather the news. The technology is doing the trick and hence the common people are sharing the news video to the news house or News Agency from their personal handset. Hence, the news agency can show such video with slight formatting or editing. These days’ smartphones are equipped with various features to do the multiple tasking such video recording, voice recording, photography, sending emails, using various social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.). The media houses will have increased profitability as it will have to hire a lesser number of so-called media professionals.

This way, IoT will have a prominent impact on the Media Industry and hence it will make the sharing of News data and information more quickly and securely and to on a real-time basis. Smartphones will equip the Media professionals to perform their daily task & duties more efficiently and effectively. IoT will enable Media to cater to a large section of the society with great accuracy. There will be for sure much more importance of IoT in various industries including Media in the future to come as the time goes by as technology is key to survive in future.

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