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5 Ways to Keep Your Child Inclined Towards Studies during the Summer Break

Your child studies really hard in school or college all year but seems to get distracted during the summer vacation. As a result, they often forget everything they’ve worked for so hard to learn during the year. Studying during the summer break ensures that their brain stays in gear and the study flow doesn’t break. This can be achieved by motivating them and finding ways to keep their brain active.

Here are 5 ways you can keep your child inclined towards studies during the summerbreak:

  1. Make a Schedule

Prepare an electronic or paper calendar consisting of all the things you think your child should do during the summer break. To make the child inclined towards studies, always try to schedule the fun activities first, like sports, going to the mall, or going to parties. Explore few summer fun ideas for children. Scheduling fun first will motivate the child. Alternatively, you can also indulge some learning activities for kids like learning games etc. After that, pick a few hours each week when the child will study. Also, make a weekly goals column each Sunday so you can refer back to all the activities done during the week.

  1. Reward Them

Find a way to reward your child for achieving each goal. This will make your child incredibly inclined towards studies. Some of the rewards you can give them can include spending extra time out with friends, going to a party, extra pocket money or new clothes.

  1. Conduct Group Study Sessions

While your child’s friends are over at your place, you can make them do a project together. This will motivate them to learn faster and will also break the monotony of studying alone. Studying in groups can also efficiently sharpen a child’s skills. You can add the fun element to the study session by merely offering the kids delicious snacks as extra motivation. Other than that, you can plan study activities outside the house such as in the park or in a café to keep things interesting for them.

  1. Make Them Join an eLearning Course

eLearning courses are a simple method of utilising electronic technologies to access an educational course outside of a traditional classroom. It is an effective way of delivering courses online as it offers better long-term retention of information. The videos provided in eLearning courses can really hold a child’s interest and make learning seem fun. Another added benefit of eLearning courses is the availability of videos that can be viewed and heard repeatedly if a student is unable to understand the topic first time around. Since you have access to the internet 24×7, you can train your child anytime and from anywhere. eLearning is a convenient and flexible way of learning, and your child does not have to depend on anyone for any help as every doubt can be cleared online itself. Renowned institutes like Aakash Institute have a good variety of eLearning courses which students can pursue during their summer break.

  1. Provide Hands-On Experience

Give your child concrete experiences in different environments as much as possible. Children connect well with real-life experiences and have a more fun time learning them. For instance, if your child is learning about geology, take them to a museum or cave for an educational tour. You can explore a variety of places and learning activities for your child build a knowledge-friendly environment for them to encourage their growth and learning. Also expose your child to theatre, sports, music, museums, travel, reading, dance, games, social opportunities, food, puzzles, and ethnic activities.

Nowadays, most of the institutions assign homework and research projects to students, which are required to be completed during their vacations. Moreover, evaluation tests begin in no time once they resume the classes after the vacation. Since children tend to forget whatever they study within two to three days, it becomes crucial for them to revise everything from time to time. Staying inclined towards studies during school summer break helps students to stay connected to their studies and ensures that they do not forget their lessons. Hence, the vacations are an excellent opportunity to prepare them for the examination and complete their assignments.

So, get ready to enjoy the best summer vacations with kids this time.

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