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Indian State names treated as Offensive words

India is a country of unity in diversity. You will hardly come across any country in the world as diverse as India. There is a famous saying in Hindi language “kos kos par badle paani, chaar kos par vaani” meaning the taste of water changes ever mile while the language change at every four miles. It has various interesting and diverse cultures and secular when it comes to religious beliefs is concerned. More than hundred languages are spoken in Indian state. There are as many as 29 Indian states , 6 Union Territories & one NCT (National Capital Territory).

Indian state is united as one but sad and dishearten part is that the people are treated by the native state where they basically belong to. People are called by their state names where they hail from such as Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Bihari, Assami, Himachali and Haryanvi etc. Every state people have its own typical lifestyle when it comes to speaking, dressing sense, behaving or for that matter eating. People do not tolerate each other’s company when forced to for any reason or purpose. They start discriminating each other openly and sometimes it even gets media coverage extensively and becomes burning national issues or news.

There are several instances in the recent past which not only threat national integrity but also tarnish the national image bringing disgrace to its name on the international platform. The word “Bihari” has become as a common abusing word to target the Bihari community in day to day life in any part of the country. Similarly the word Bengali or Gujarati or Assami or Rajasthani or Haryanvi or North-Eastern which are frequently used to let down someone or disgrace someone the reason being whatsoever. Sometimes people ignore but at times the situation becomes intolerable and the quarrel or fights occur. These instances generally occur at the public places or public gathering.

The apt example of ill treatment of people in the name of origin of state is at the camps of defense forces where battalions or regiment are formed generally of one state soldier. For example, Punjab regiment, Gorkha regiment, Rajputana regiment, Maratha regiment etc where the people are ill treated by their origin of state. These subjects get politicized by the politicians of different regional and national political parties. These ill treatments of people by their state name are prevalent only within the country and the moment we step outside the country then it becomes irrelevant.

It’s high time now, that we stop giving too much importance to different states, its territory, its languages and start treating the country as a whole because the more we give importance the more we degrade the standard of our country.

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