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How do guys feel about women who have tattoos?

In villages old women in 1960s & 1970s used to sport traditional tattoos termed “GODNAS” in Hindi language and it was quite popular and mandatory too. so let’s start about women who have wonderfull tattoos.

Sporting Tattoos is still considered a taboo in the Indian society whether sported by men or women. Moreover, women are discriminated more by our society than men. That’s how our society is, about women can’t help it. Western world however is more liberal than ours if we look at large but still women are more vulnerable to sarcastic remarks in general.

How and what does guys feel about women who get tattooed on their different body parts as per their will and desire. Do they get any kind of impression on the people or what they perceive is quite sensible topic of discussion. Yes, for sure, the tattooed women get impressions such retro women, ravishing personality, cool and carefree, trendy, raunchy etc. If people are surveyed and remarks were noted, one will come up with the surprising and astonishing remarks. Some guys feel about women who have tattoos looks sexy and stylish. Some guys feel the tattooed women are easily approachable and open for friendship or casual relationship or for that matter one-night stand. Some guys term about women with heavily tattooed on their body parts as Call Girl which is indeed horrifying but yet sometime comes out to be true.

Getting tattooed is always there in the mind of the young women. Some get tattooed by their will and desires while others hesitate to get inked and show off in public. Some gets carried away by the peer pressure. The type or kind of tattoos sported by women are far different from the men. Some women sport tattoos to show-off various body parts viz. belly, arms, around hips, legs, neck etc. Some women prefer simple and small tattoos while some prefer to go for colorful and heavy tattoos on their body parts. Some go for imaginary/ fictious character of devils or monster or God.

In India, about women of metropolitans and bigger cities are generally seen to sport tattoos. However, a majority of section of women of north eastern states are seen sporting tattoos due to their lifestyles and liberal societies. Due to that, they are often passed lewd remarks. The interesting part is that some of them take those remarks as offense while some accept it as an appreciation.

The sporting of tattoos on body parts by women is a matter of one’s choice and should not be taken as offensive whatsoever. People should mind their own business rather their being spoilsport in someone else’s life because freedom for life is a birth right for everyone.

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