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Mental Illness – Symptoms, Effects, Types: All you need to know!

Mental Illness - Symptoms, Effects, Types: All you need to know!

People have many misconceptions about mental illness. In their view, this is just a superstition or superstition of the mind, which does not require any kind of treatment. Mental patients have to fall prey to this belief.

They are unable to talk about it even if they want to and mental illness takes a serious form over time.
In such a situation, it is necessary that this perception of the people should be changed and complete information about mental illness should be obtained.

What is it?

Mental illness is also known by the names of psychosis or mental health disorder etc. In the state of mental illness, the process of the person’s mood, memory, temperament, etc. is affected and the person has no control over his emotions, etc.

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What are the types of mental illness?

There are mainly 5 types of mental diseases, which are as follows-

Depression – The most common type of mental illness is depression or depression.
Usually, it starts with stress, which over time takes the form of depression.
Forgetfulness– It is very difficult for all of us to remember everything. This is a common thing because some things are worth forgetting. But, it is seen in some people that they forget the things that happened some time ago. Actually, it is a mental disease, which is known as amnesia or Alzheimer’s.
Parkinson’s – Another type of this disease is Parkinson’s, which is seen by connecting to the nerves of the brain. When a nerve in a person’s brain gets pressed, it is called Parkinson’s in medical language. A person suffering from this disease has difficulty performing normal tasks such as lifting a glass or cup with one hand, threading a needle, etc.
Phobia– Another type of this disease is a phobia, which most people associate with fear.
But their thinking like this is absolutely wrong because there is a big difference between phobia and fear. While, on the one hand, fear is a normal thing, which gets better with time, on the other hand, a phobia is seen as a serious problem that requires medical treatment.
ADHD– Mental diseases are also seen in children, the most common of which is ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). In common language, it is used as a disease of not paying attention, which is seen in children while reading something. However, its treatment is possible, provided it is taken seriously, then it should be examined by a doctor.

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What are its symptoms?

Mental illness can happen to any person, who has some symptoms of his own. If a person sees the following symptoms, then he should immediately go to the doctor and start his treatment as these can be signs of mental illness-

Being depressed – A common symptom of mental illness is being depressed. If someone you know is very depressed, talk to him as he may be suffering from some mental illness.
Staying away from friends, family, etc.- If a person lives separately from his friends, family, etc., then it may be a symptom of mental illness. Such a person should visit the doctor as soon as possible and start his treatment.
Frequent mood swings– However, mood swings are natural during pregnancy or menstruation, which get better on their own after some time. However, when this problem starts happening quite frequently, it can be a mental illness, which becomes necessary to get tested.
Abnormal behavior– Another symptom of mental illness is abnormal behavior. Some people suddenly start getting angry or laughing, then such behavior is a sign of mental illness, which should not be ignored at all.
Feeling nervous or scared– Often, it is seen that some people are too nervous or afraid to speak in front of people. However, this problem gets cured with time, but if this panic or fear does not improve with time then it can be a mental disease.

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What are the causes of it?

However, there is no exact cause of mental illness, so it is very difficult to say what causes or can cause mental illness. But, despite this, it has been confirmed by many studies done on psychosis that mental diseases can be mainly due to these 5 reasons-

Poor family environment– It is believed that if there are fights and fights in the house every day, then it has a bad effect on the child. Because of this, they fall prey to mental illness, which requires psychological help.
Injury to the head- The chances of getting a mental illness are very high even in that situation when a person suffers a head injury. For this reason, people are advised to wear a helmet while driving a two-wheeler or while playing a sport like cricket as there is a risk of head injury.
Accident in childhood – When a child is involved in an accident like the death of a parent, the death of a loved one, failure in any class, etc., then its effect is very deep in his mind. And he becomes a victim of this disease.
Eating unhealthy food– Some people may not believe that it can also be caused by unhealthy food. However, there are cases in which a person who constantly eats unhealthy food becomes a victim of mental illness.
Consumption of narcotics– If a person consumes drugs in excess, then it not only affects his physical health but also spoils his mental health. As a result of this, his brain does not function properly and soon becomes a victim of it.

How can it be treated?

As it has been clarified above mental illness is not taken care of and the brunt of this is paid for by the mental patient. Despite this, if little attention is paid to mental illness, then its treatment becomes possible. Therefore, people suffering from this disease can get rid of it in the following ways-

Doing Yoga– Doing yoga (especially meditation) proves to be very beneficial for a mental patient as it calms his mind and gives him energy, from which he gets cured of mental illness.
Visiting a psychologist- Apart from doing yoga, a psychologist can prove to be a better option to treat mental illness. Psychologist examines the state of mind of a mental patient and treats mental illness accordingly.
Taking medicine- The treatment of mental illness is also possible through medicines. These medicines are helpful in preventing illness and the recovery of mental patients.
Taking physiotherapy- As it has been clarified above that there are many types of mental diseases, that is why their treatment is also different. Often, psychologists also advise mental patients to take physiotherapy as medicines or yoga are not effective for their illness.
Admission to the de-addiction centre- Drug addiction is also the main reason for the illness.
In such a situation, mental illness can also be treated by getting admitted to a de-addiction centre.

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