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Monsoon Travel Guide: Follow these tips and make your monsoon travel fun

Since the pandemic, people who used to go for a trip every weekend might be finding it difficult to stay at home, isn’t it? Cannot complain a lot because the situations are so. Staying at home during these tough times not only keeps us safe and healthy but also ensures the protection of our family members and friends and relatives from the deadly virus. But now times have changed a bit, and we can go to our favourite destination following all the protocols.

The May-June months are somehow considered to be the ‘vacation months’ in India, of course, one can make any month of the year a vacation month, still, this has been the trend. People explore places in and around their cities, and states, and maybe take an inter-state trip or an international one during these months. In fact, if taken a close look, this May-June pair is the best combination for any vacation. May will be mostly hot and when June starts, it brings with it rain. We can put it as summer and monsoon merging months.

Travelling during the summertime might be something that most people have done, but when it comes to monsoons, people are a bit sceptical. If kept in mind some of the very important and easy-to-follow tips, monsoon travels will be fun. Samachar Live brings to you some tips to keep in mind while travelling during the monsoons. Keep reading this Monsoon Travel Guide!

  • Waterproof Luggage

It has become a thing now to carry fancy luggage bags on trips. People go for very stylish bags and try to make a fashion statement with their luggage bags too. If you are one of them, remember to get a waterproof luggage bag for your next monsoon trip. It can be approached in two ways, either carry a waterproof bag or get a waterproof cover for your luggage. It helps in keeping your essentials inside the bag safe from the rain and from getting soaked. Also do not forget to get a separate waterproof bag/cover for your electronic devices.

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  • Synthetic Clothes

Dressing always makes one comfortable and confident. While on a trip, being comfortable in what you wear is really very important. Some days, the travel might be longer than expected, hectic than thought, and rides might be tiresome, in all such situations, if our clothing is proper, the journey becomes a little comfortable. Especially when it is monsoon, always carry synthetic clothes. They are lighter and also dry up quickly. This will make your travel easier and more comfortable.

  • Carry Repellents

Mosquitoes are not friends with everyone. They can literally ruin our mood and state of mind if not tackled. Carrying one or two repellents is another vital tip. Repellents are useful not just to handle mosquitoes but can be used against other insects. During the monsoon season, mosquito-borne diseases are high. Carry a repellent and stay away from mosquitoes, and insects, and be healthy. Make sure you include this in your monsoon travel guide.

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  • Raincoats and Umbrellas

Have you ever danced in rain? If not, you should try it at least once. On days on your trip, if you are not in a mood to get drenched in rain, raincoats and umbrellas will help. Umbrellas are handy for any season. If it is summer, it will protect us from sunlight, and if it is a rainy season, it will help us from getting soaked. It will be useful while travelling. If the place where you visited is quite windy, raincoats will be helpful. Hence, carrying raincoats and umbrellas will come to your rescue.

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  • Ample Footwear

If you are going trekking or visiting a very exotic destination, having adequate footwear suitable for the season is really important. The roads and lanes during the monsoon can be muddy and slippery. Hence, carrying a pair of shoes that are waterproof and have a grip are necessary items in your monsoon travel. Get comfortable shoes that will save you from falling and injuring yourself during such situations.

Here are a few tips that will act as a perfect Monsoon Travel Guide with the rains approaching us in the nick of time!

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