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Top 9 Health And Wellness Trends In 2022

Wellness trends in 2022: After two years of witnessing people fall sick and deal with several hardships, the world is steadily recovering. Among all that is a myriad of health and wellness trends spurred by a well-being revolution fueled by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The thought of being as healthy as possible should be translated into actions and habits. We reflect on all the things we can do to live better, which goes from sustainable foods and employing wellness tools to prioritising mental health — elements that are all at the forefront of the topic of one’s health.

Here are nine health and wellness trends in 2022 that you must focus on:

  • Digital Healthcare
  • Tracking Vitals
  • Discovering DNA
  • Prioritising Mental Health
  • Remote Work And Flexible Schedules
  • Wellness Tools
  • Food For The Gut And Mind
  • Sustainable Foods
  • Regenerative Travel

Digital Healthcare

We may have complained or dreaded the struggle and inconvenience of booking appointments and travelling to the doctors. There are even instances where people feel safer from infections if they stay away from physical clinics and hospitals where unknown, harmful bacteria could be present. And some homebodies might not be entirely comfortable with leaving their houses and prefer relying on the internet. It is one of the most crucial wellness trends in 2022.

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In recent years, online healthcare services are more popular than ever, with the possible imminency of lockdowns. Now, we can have virtual sessions with health professionals, from specialists and therapists to nutritionists and personal trainers. Having done well thus far, this system is sure to continue this year and even for the next decade till something even better pops up, says Kathy, a medical reviewer of Health Canal, also a member of the Virtual Nutritional Synergy group.

Tracking Vitals

Of course, with today’s advanced technology, we cannot leave out the good in understanding our daily vitals better. Besides tracking sleep, activity and oxygen levels, we can also track stress levels. Mobile applications and smartwatches like the TAG Heuer Connect, Apple Watch or Google Watches have a grasp on determining stress through heart rate variability. It measures small fluctuations of the heart and informs us if we are having a stressful day. And with that, it tells us it is time to unwind and helps us better ensure a more balanced lifestyle. Tracking your health counts to be one of the most fundamental wellness trends in 2022.

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The Fitbit Sense, in particular, is excellent at indicating the strain and stresses put on the body after workouts while showing how we can navigate proper recovery. In the following years, it is foreseeable that more will use the increasingly progressive tech for reasons of health and convenience.

Discovering DNA

The option of using DNA to determine health risks and uncover ancestries have always been around. This analysis detects relationships between wellness and health with information on cancer risks, health predispositions, etc. It enables us to identify threats that can be prevented and make more strategic decisions in lifestyle changes.

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Maybe it was the marketing or that we were finding things to do while being cooped up at home, but the concept has garnered a lot more attention in the past few years. Known as the world’s most comprehensive DNA test, CircleDNA is still booming and is a perfect start for anyone wanting to improve their health and wellness with personalised results.

Prioritising Mental Health

Ever since the start of the pandemic, more light has been shone on the importance of mental health services and support. In March 2022, the World Health Organisation (WHO) released a scientific brief reporting that the “global prevalence of anxiety and depression” increased massively by 25 per cent in the first year of Covid-19.

Whether it is practising relaxing strategies or keeping mood journals, self-care has been a growing trend, especially online and for both Millennials and Generation Z. Some health experts predict that people will be tracking their mental health more closely as it remains a priority this year. Not a lot of people think about this but it is an important wellness trends in 2022.

Remote Work And Flexible Schedules

Gone are the days of spending three hours travelling to and fro the office and working tirelessly for more than five days a week. The pandemic has more than proved the effectiveness of remote work or working from home.

After the outbreak, more realised how crucial a good work-life balance is and took more considerable risks career-wise. Employees are less willing to commit and give away precious time if the business is not flexible, understanding or has wellness initiatives in place.

According to Forbes, this current generation of adults wants to be offered autonomy and freedom; to incorporate suitable, tailored workstyles and hours. We are entering a period of rapid change and teams are not doing things just because they have always done it that way. The mantra now is “work smart, not hard”.

Wellness Tools

Lifestyle and beauty industries were not left out of the health conversation. Brands are coming up with innovative, portable tools that improve one’s well-being wherever they are and for countless functions — massage guns, personal EKG scanners, self-purifying water bottles and red light therapy devices. More emphasis is placed on sexual health and how toys can promote more mindful and inclusive experiences.

And in the beauty world, face yoga and sculpting are increasingly popular and common. The online world, especially TikTok, was in a frenzy when beauty gurus introduced massage therapy and Gua Sha stones for faces. The former includes exercises that stimulate the skin, muscles, and lymphatic system, all of which can reduce stress lines, tone facial muscles, improve the appearance of the face, and increase circulation and blood flow. Meanwhile, the Gua Sha paired with Face Yoga has beneficial skincare effects such as fighting acne scars, reducing puffiness and dark spots, and promoting lymphatic drainage. Orlando IV therapy has also become popular in the beauty world for its ability to detox your body, rehydrate you, and replenish beauty-boosting vitamins at the same time.

Food For The Gut And Mind

As per international health insurance company BUPA, Google searches for ‘gut health’ went up by 83 per cent and increased by 60 per cent for ‘gut brain axis’. It is expected that more people will focus on gut health starting in 2022. Ideally, we want a balanced gastrointestinal tract with good and bad bacteria. That will ensure smooth digestion without discomfort, a healthier heart and brain, and aid in fighting off harmful bacteria and pathogens. Food that is rich in fibre is essential for a healthy gut. You should consider reading colon broom reviews because colon broom does much more to help you have healthy a gut.

Apart from regular exercise, good sleep hygiene, and staying away from processed foods, Immune Health is also prominent. It is closely connected to dietary health and includes foods like fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains, low-fat dairy foods, probiotics, nutritional yeasts and active ingredients.

As a bonus point, a healthy diet and some foods are among the best for a boost in brainpower, according to Harvard Health nutritionists. It is crucial to keep our brains in shape even as we age.

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Sustainable Foods

Another upward trend this year is plant-based diets. After the plethora of vegan documentaries that surfaced and the flourishing Impossible Foods, more are looking to reduce meat consumption and eat sustainably. Having a plant-based diet does not solely mean being vegetarian — from the Mediterranean to Pescatarian diets, there are a handful of versions to choose from.

Those blessed with a green thumb can even consider building their own produce garden. This farm-to-table experience can be as therapeutic as it is rewarding. Other positive factors are more quality family time and less reliance on supply chains.

Regenerative Travel

For some, taking soothing crystal baths or watching their favourite shows may not be enough to de-stress. In that case, trying new foods and doing new activities across the globe might be the correct remedy needed.

Regenerative travel is all about giving back to the system we benefit from. It has gained awareness as eco-friendly practices and environmental responsibility become more of a priority to travellers and local communities. Increasingly, top spas, resorts and hotel destinations are highlighting connections with nature. The result is also a catalyst that generates social, economic and environmental wealth.

These are some of the health and wellness trends in 2022 that you must keep a look at.

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