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Safe Skin Mantra for Holi Festival

Any festival is joyful unless and until it is harmless and nothing plays spoilsport of any nature. In order to enjoy the Holi festival to the fullest, one needs to look for some basic precautions. Holi colors at times can cause irritation, itching, rashes and some serious bruises to the skin.

Oiling: Before rushing out for the colorful affair, apply mustard, coconut or castor oil on your face and body. The grease and slipperiness of the oil will not let the color settle deep into your skin. Apply oil in your hair too, so that the harshness of the colors doesn’t damage your hair. • Clothing: Wear dark full sleeves cotton clothes which will cover your whole body and can protect you from direct harm of

Clothing: Wear dark full sleeves cotton clothes which will cover your whole body and can protect you from direct harm of colors, unless organic. Synthetic would seem to be sticky on your skin when you will get wet and denims would be heavy once you have bucket full of water splashed on you. The Holi Festival rule you have to follow during playing Holi that the more you cover your body, the higher are the chances of saving your skin from color harm directly.

Opt for organic colors: Nowadays, colors comprise of harmful content like engine oil, grease, diesel, acid, glass powder and alkalis which can damage your skin badly. This can result in serious skin conditions like eczema, redness, and flaking of skin. But herbal colors can easily be prepared at home by the extracts of the flowers and food colors. These are eco-friendly and have no side-effects on your skin. It is recommended to use herbal colors to avoid any kind of skin allergies.

Avoid Sunrays for extended hours: Avoid sitting in the hot sun with the colors still on your body or face. This makes the colors even more difficult to wash off later. Try to use mild colors like yellow, pink or red which can be easily washed off. in Holi Festival Gaudy colors like purple, green, blue have more harmful chemicals and should not be used as far as possible.

Use bandanas: If you want to protect your hair from every bit of color, wearing a bandana would be a great option. It is very much in trend and enhances your look for the occasion. Hold your hair together and make a low bun then tie a bandana covering your complete head. This way you can protect your hair and can play safe Holi with your loved ones. Suggest this to your near and dear ones because being the most precious thing. It enhances your beauty too.

Apply nail paint: In Holi Festival Ladies in order to safeguard your nails apply dark color nail polish on nails to avoid colors. Keep your nails small and finely cut so that color cannot stick on it.

Prevention is better than cure. Better be safe than feel sorry about negligence. Time to act smart or else it can cost you. Let’s do your bit because you will not repent afterwards

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