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Your Mental health is equally important as Physical health

Mental health is as important as physical health

Mental health is the vital part of a healthy lifestyle and is the very important factor for the sensible decision-making process. It is equally important as the physical health. The common people are more concerned about the physical health and continue to ignore the mental health until something drastic happens. People take time out for the physical workout on a daily basis but what about the mental health. Do we really care about what we can and should do for our mental health? Meditation (i.e part of Yoga training) is highly recommended for the better functioning of the brain. Hence, yoga is a very important tool to deal with the mental health.

However, after from yoga, one needs to focus on certain following aspects of lifestyle which helps in keeping the mental stability better & refreshing as always:

  1. One should take complete 8 hours of sound sleep on a daily basis.
  2. Practice the old mantra of early to bed & early to rise.
  3. So as to live a peaceful life, one should indulge in any kind of quarrel, fights rather should resolve the issue if any by discussing on one to one basis.
  4. Avoid or refrain from any kind of addiction whatsoever.
  5. Be happy & let others be happy by keeping the healthy space in any kind of relationship.
  6. Drink cow milk on a daily basis which is good for the brain.

Moreover, it is very disheartening to say that in the so-called Indian society, any kind of mental discomforts is hidden from the society in general. Kids & teenagers are discouraged to share any kinds of depression or mental illness from the immediate society they live in. Depression is fatal in nature and if not cured at the right time then it might take the outcome of Suicide. Many celebrities of Bollywood said to have gone through the phase of depression such as Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone etc but they overcame it by sheer determination. Hollywood Singer-actress Demi Lovato, who has been vocal about her battle with bipolar depression, believes that mental health is “just as important as physical health”.

It is very sad to say that India being very big country spends only 0.06 % of the health budget on the Mental Health. India as a Country has one psychiatrist on every 10 lacs people and which states the very dismal situation. The Ministry of Health & Science needs to work upon it on a high priority basis without any further delay whatsoever.

However, it is found that the major of the mental health issues arises due to the following reasons and hence needs to be worked upon so as to sort out the issues in general.

  • Living alone and socializing less
  • Depression due to low self-esteem or high expectation from the members of family and subsequently from the society
  • Hiding of mental issue for prolonged period

Hence, it is proved above that the Mental Health is equally important as the Physical Health. So people be smart & act rational.

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