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Signs that your loved one is depressed

Signs that your loved one is depressed

Depression is not like fever or cough. It is not easy or instantly detectable. Even sometimes the patient himself doesn’t identify it as a reason or various symptoms of depression. Depression is a mood disorder and needs proper medical assistance to be diagnosed or treated. But surely, you can see some symptoms that are not so light to ignore or overlook.

When you feel constantly sad, hopeless, low, failure, loss, etc. A person suffering from depression may not feel okay or happy for a long time or even if they do, that feeling stays temporarily. It is very essential to understand the difference between being sad for a while and depression. Being sad due to something specific and for a short period of time does not mean that you are suffering from depression.

Depression is termed a common mental health disorder. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source, an estimated 8.1 per cent of American adults ages 20 and above had depression in any given 2-week period from 2013 to 2016.

For any person suffering from depression, care is important. They need their loved ones to reassure them. A patient might not say or express it, but emotional support in this time works as a survival kit. Love, Affection, Care is what a person suffering from depression needs. But to help out someone, you need to know about their condition. And as depression is affected a lot by the surrounding atmosphere, seeking education about it is not only important for the patient, but also the people surrounding him or her.

Symptoms of depression in your loved ones.

Observation is the key here. A lot of people suffer from depression but are blamed for having an edgy personality due to a lack of knowledge. Sometimes, we confuse somebody’s depressive episode as a behavioural flaw. This not only creates discomfort but the patient might feel like no one is getting him or her. This feeling will turn the denial process and due to disappointment of being misunderstood can pull a patient away from the outer world. Hence, people around a depressed person need to stay patient and observant about the symptoms of their loved ones.

You may see some noticeable changes in their behaviour and daily life events. Here are some of the signs that your loved one is suffering from depression

Hopeless perspective

Hopelessness is a huge symptom of depression. When a person doesn’t feel hopeful, it indicates that a lot of negative stuff is going around. No matter what the issue is, one should always keep some hope that things will be better one day. Depression makes a scenario in the patient’s mind that feels all low to him. Not feeling like doing anything pushes the patients towards self-doubt. Self-doubt further creates fear and hopelessness.

Other feelings that a patient may experience are worthlessness, self-hate, or inappropriate guilt, Common, recurring thoughts of depression may be vocalized as, “It’s all my fault,” or “What’s the point?”

Lost Interest

Losing interest or not being interested at all in any activity is a major symptom of Depression. People with depression usually start losing interest in what they like to do normally. It can be any hobby or interest like dancing, music, writing, etc. Some people relate this symptom to laziness. But this is not always the case. If your loved one is not feeling interested in doing anything productive for some past days, then maybe this is not laziness, but depression.

Anyone needs to do something productive to stay calm as it gives you satisfaction. Often children or teenagers suffering from depression are being misunderstood as lazy but it is very important for parents and guardians to handle such situations calmly and consider that their child might be suffering from depression.

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Increased Fatigue and sleep issues

Depression is surely a mental disorder but it affects your physical health too. Fatigue means weakness and the feeling of being exhausted physically. Depression and mental sickness makes your body lethargic and disturb your physical buildup. Not only Fatigue, but depression interrupts your sleep schedule too. Some people don’t get enough sleep and some just can’t get out of their beds.

Hormonal imbalance takes place due to depression, due to which sleep pattern gets affected. So if you see your loved one struggling with an increased body ache or sleep, try to have a conversation on how they are feeling and what kind of thoughts they are living with.


Depression and anxiety often occur together. Hence, they are said to be interconnected. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, nearly 50 per cent of people with depression also have an anxiety disorder. However, co-dependence is obvious as anxiety frequently causes depressed states and major depressive disorder can result in anxiousness.

Both of them are two different mental health conditions. Still, both of them share a lot of similarities and connections. Hence, often occurring episodes of severe anxiety might be a symptom that the person is going through depression.

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Depression often brings irritability in the mood of a person. It is very normal for a person to feel irritated during a time of depression. This is because all the negative feelings reside in your mind and heart. You often go through a phase of self-doubt and low self-esteem. And you don’t even get the reason why. This causes irritability.

If someone you know has started being irritated more often on minute things and you see this as a change in their behaviour, maybe the issue isn’t you or your bond. In such a situation, have patience and before jumping to any conclusion, have a conversation with that person. Maybe he or she is frustrated and that is causing irritability. Try to comfort them with good conversation and reassurance.

Uncontrollable emotions

Excessive and uncontrollable emotions are huge symptoms of depression. When a person feels depressed and sad for most of his time, he would want someone to be there but it’s difficult for him to explain. And that turns into channelling that urge in different emotions. People with depression end up reacting a lot once they start. And usually, it is hard for them to control.

So if you feel like someone close to you is showing such symptoms, then make sure you don’t make them feel made about their emotions. Instead, try to appreciate and comfort them if they open up to you. That is the need of the hour.

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Looking at death

If someone close to you is talking more about death, or mentioning it more often, then it’s a red sign. Often people in depression subconsciously think about death. Sometimes it is as severe as committing self-harming things and sometimes thinking about the ways.

So try to notice if they mention death or will to die in their conversations. Don’t let it go, there might be some hidden meaning or feeling that even they don’t know. If it’s possible, try to openly talk to them about this, and if the situation doesn’t feel fine, at least directly turn them towards positive aspects of life.

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