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Take tough decisions on rising security challenges, Speaker tells Tinubu

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tajudeen Abbas, has called on President Bola Tinubu to relieve non-executive members of the government from their duties.

He also advocated the adoption of new strategies to address the widespread insecurity ravaging the country.

Abbas accused on Tuesday when the plenary session resumed from the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Lamenting the worsening security challenges that have in the past few weeks led to the death of many Nigerians in Plateau, Kaduna, and other parts of the country, Abbas noted that if not adequately addressed, the situation could degenerate and threaten the stability of the nation.

He said: “Despite numerous security measures, the menace of insecurity continues to flourish, making a mockery of our efforts and questioning our determination to build a cohesive, peaceful and prosperous nation. It’s a stark reminder that the conventional approaches to security we’ve espoused for so long are no longer enough. The time has come to think outside the box and adopt new and contemporary strategies that better respond to the complexity of our current challenges.

“To our patriotic and brave security forces, while we commend your heroism and sacrifices, the time has come for you to rethink your approaches and strategies, innovate and adapt. The enemy is evolving and so must we. I urge you to rise to this occasion to show the indomitable spirit you are known for and do more to protect the lives and property of our people.

He said that as a concerned citizen, he was troubled by the widespread insecurity gripping the country.

According to him, Nigeria is at a defining moment and faces formidable challenges that are testing the resolve, unity, and spirit of Nigerians.

“The threats of insurgency are seriously testing the peace and stability of our country, the increase in kidnapping for ransom, and the disturbing unrest and crisis in all six geopolitical zones.” Families and communities have endured immense hardship and our hearts go out to all those affected by these tumultuous events.

“We are particularly saddened by the tragic and senseless killing of our daughters, Nabeeha Al-Kadriyar and Folorunsho Ariyo, the heinous killing of over 30 people in Plateau State, and many others who have fallen victim to the mindless acts of terrorism in the last few weeks. We also remember those who lost their lives in the explosion in Ibadan caused by explosives planted by illegal miners,” he said. The speaker also tasked Tinubu to demand “higher performance and accountability from our service chiefs and all security and law enforcement agencies. I am asking the president not to shy away from difficult decisions. If necessary, we must not hesitate to introduce changes in our security apparatus because the cost of inaction is too great for us to bear.”

Abbas, who represents Zaria Federal Constituency, reiterated his plan to convene a national security summit where “stakeholders from various sectors – security, traditional and religious institutions, academia, civil society, and others – will create lasting solutions to our security challenges.” It is time to use our collective expertise, break down the silos that have hindered our progress, and chart a new course for peace and stability.”

He also lamented the series of economic problems facing the country and promised the readiness of the legislative branch to assist the executive in finding lasting solutions in the interest of the country.

He continued: “On the economic front, our country continues to face numerous obstacles to our growth trajectory. Inflation, unemployment, and infrastructure deficits are issues that touch the core of our people’s daily lives. The continued depreciation of the naira has far-reaching implications given that Nigeria is heavily dependent on imports for many essential items, including food, fuel, and machinery. Amid these challenges, however, there are signs of resilience and potential.

Image Source: Punch

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