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Abhishek Mazumder – Dynamic Business Icon & Founder of The Think Tank

He is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification and a creative director by profession. He is the founder and CEO of The Think Tank Entertainment, a Global concept, content, creative and strategy Entertainment company. As a young, dynamic, charming and enthusiastic entrepreneur, he is someone who believes in remitting the best for all his clients, with his excellent team.

A leader is what Abhishek Mazumder is. But beyond that he is a guy with instant solutions to problems, from every walk of life. An outgoing, gregarious person & an amateur singer, he has always been creatively inclined through his passion for music, arts and everything new and exciting.

Struggle & Success story

An engineer by qualification, Abhishek Mazumder started his journey while he was still a student. An eager learner, he joined his father’s company and started working there, post-college hours. He learnt the aspects of entrepreneurship, management, people’s interpersonal skills and the meaning of pure hard work there. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs with great business skills and business acumens this was the base for his future aim and vision thereafter.

After completing his engineering, he worked with Larsen and Toubro for a year, a great learning experience but a desk job was never his calling. Soon after this, he moved out of his parent’s house and all the comforts to start something of his own. Always loved the good life and aspired to be the best at whatever he chose. He started from the scratch with a job at a call centre, moved on immediately to an energy drink company as an ASM and from there to an event management firm. An initiative of his friend’s mother and the beginning of his realization towards his so called life’s calling.

He is the plethora of talents and skills with convincing clients, getting vendors, handling extreme situations, last moment changes. He was more than sure of where he wanted to be and the changes he aspired to make. Fast forward a year, he was the Business Development Manager of this company and he decided to move out. He partnered with a movie Production House and started their event vertical, as the Business Development Head and the Creative Head of this company. Post all these exposure and experience, on a procrastination time on beach in Phuket, the thought of starting his own company emerged. The high life was calling him and this was his moment of realization. Now that the thought had emerged, the ideation was rapid, ‘The Think Tank Entertainment’ emerged and so did the meaning.  Here, he would make his own money on his own terms and through his own skills, also, with the skills of a team he mentored himself. The attractive logo emerged and so did the company, from his one-bedroom flat. The thought, the creativity and the inspiration that pushed him formed his company’s tag line, to – think.create.inspire

Presently, The Think Tank Entertainment is a company with a young team of 41 employees and 4 offices in India viz. Ahmadabad, Kolkata, Delhi and HO in Mumbai, along with a base at New Jersey. The company which proudly boasts of handling luxury car brands like Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari – and the crème de la crème brands of Real Estate in Mumbai.

Message to the world

“No one gives a fuck about your feeling. If you want it, you go out there and you get it!”

“I’m not just talented. I’m extremely obsessed.”


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