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Idle Destinations To Visit This Summer

Setting off on a trip in summer has no scarcity of reasons. Your kids must be having school holidays, you must have had pending office leaves, you might have got annoyed from the scorching summer and want to sojourn at a cool place or, whatever. After having a concrete reason to head out to a destination all you’ll need Destinations is a perfect spot which would be easy for your pocket and will satisfy all your flame-cooling needs.

After sorting it out in all aspects, below is a list of destinations which make for a meaningful reason to book your tickets, pack your bags and step out your house without a hesitation.

You must be knowing about paradise but, how about a paradise on earth? Might sound exaggerating but Ladakh is a place which resides in every Indian’s mind and they wish to visit there at least once in that Destinations.

Located on the tip of our map, Ladakh consists of an unending trail of giant Himalayan mountains among which, some are considered to be located on the highest point on earth. Planning for a trip here will require sort of planning as the weather might get too cool to handle. Independent of what season it is, this place is known to be freezing all the time.

Every year, thousands of bike riders visit Ladakh and others have it on their bucket list. A hub of Buddhists, highest altitude mountains, adventurous serpentine roads, uncontaminated blue lakes and whatever you demand, it has everything to quench your thirst.

Spiti Valley:
In case Ladakh sounds too heavy to handle as a family destination, come a bit down on the map. Himachal Pradesh has a perfect bunch of hills for you which would work as a mirror image of Ladakh. In the name of Spiti Valley, these Himalayan ranges incorporate of desert mountains which are spread in thousands of kilometre. Oldest monasteries such as Ki monastery and Tabo monastery residing on the crests of these hills could be a great experience to have.

If you get enough of the natural beauty, adventure sports has to be the thing for you. River rafting, trekking and rock climbing are the majorly acquired activities being performed here. Winter is the time when you’ll only get to sight the large blanket snow. Therefore, visit in summer to enjoy the brown towering landscape without getting your jaws shiver.

Not that just the north straps wonders in it, South also has a handful of leisure destinations for hitting down the heat. Coorg is a hill station located in Karnataka which provides a soothing view of green hills with numerous dips and crests visible in the offing. 3500 feet above the sea level, Coorg is also known as the “Scotland of India”. The place sees thousands of visitors every month who visit here and spent a peaceful and luxurious time

Green and lush beauty of Coorg will treat you with various spice and coffee plantations on the way. Whatever may be the season, the temperature stays below 30 degree which is why we have it on our list.

Among the most iconic and soothing hill stations is the Mahabaleshwar sitting on top of Satara district, Maharashtra. Above the sea level, it rests 1372 meters high and is 115 kilometres south-west of Pune city.

Stand at a point of this place and gaze in any direction, all you will see are mountain Destinations peaks being touched by the flowing clouds. The view is breathtaking and there are several points to visit which make it a quintessential short term holiday destination.

Coming back to South India, Tamil Nadu hides this scenic beauty inside it, christened as Kodaikanal. Yet again a hilly area, this place is situated in Palani Hills of western ghats and turns out Destinations to be a perfect option to halt if you are looking for something in Tamil Nadu. Tall hills and rough terrain are complimented by foggy weather with a touch of tidy lakes.

Settled 7200 feet above the sea level, Kodaikanal offers trekking and cycling as options for your urge of adventure in this serene natural beauty.

Other than sweet Rasgullas, something that West Bengal holds to be praised for is Darjeeling. Tree plantation is just a part of its well-known nature while the village is situated amidst the Himalayas, it doesn’t need a reason to visit.

Soothing view of kilometres-spread tree plantations on the mountain ranges could make you forget the bustle of city life. The tiny Train ride is something you must not forget to choose for the effortless view of a majority part of Darjeeling. Also, royal mansions and old churches demand to be experienced, which were built during the time of British empire.

Andaman Islands:
When it comes to having a humid and chilling time, seashore could be the best pick. And, if you don’t care on spilling too many bucks, the Andaman Islands have to be the first on the list.

The group of 52 islands of Andaman has 36 being human occupied which have been a great holiday and honeymoon destination since years. Experiencing the marine life and water sports should be your first reason to visit here. Above all, a place having great historic significance, the Kaala Paani, will remind you about the prisoners who were trapped in. The diverse wildlife and tiny lands of serene nature standing on the sea welcome several tourists every year.


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