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Things you should never keep at home according to Vastu Shastra.

Vastu shastra is a construction science. A residence built and designed according to Vastu principles gives pleasure, health, riches, and good fortune. Indian Vastu is comparable to Chinese Feng Shui in many ways. It is a Hindu design practice to incorporate specific components in our house to foster harmony with natural forces. There are numerous old wives’ tales regarding what to keep at home and what not to retain. It is a widely held notion that if you preserve your home and the items in it in accordance with Vastu principles, you will experience success and happiness in your life. But how do you determine what to retain at home and what to throw away?

Here is a list of things that you should not have in your home.

  1. Broken Mirror

Mirrors should be used with caution. Make sure there isn’t any kind of mirror in front of your bed. When you’re asleep, your picture should never be mirrored. If your bedroom has a mirror, cover it with a curtain or a towel. According to legend, having shattered mirrors in your home would bring you bad luck for the next seven years, as well as a broken marriage.

2. Taj Mahal

Any Taj-Mahal showpiece or portrait should not be kept at home. It’s a grave, and it’s meant to represent death and inactivity. The Taj Mahal is often regarded as the ideal of love, yet it is really the tomb of Mumtaz, Shahjahan’s wife. As a result, any display piece of the Taj or a photograph of it should not be kept at home since it represents death and inactivity. And it is widely accepted that such events at home have a significant impact on our lives.

3. Broken Idols

Broken idols should never be kept in your home. If you have any shattered idols of gods or goddesses, either places them in flowing water or keep them near the base of a green tree. Keeping shattered idols in the house fosters negativity and creates a slew of troubles for the residents.

4. War Scenes

It is not a good idea to adorn your home’s walls with a war scene or any scenario from the Mahabharata, as this encourages a war-like atmosphere inside. Keeping such photographs might lead to family disputes and squabbles.

5. A photo or idol of Nataraj

The idol of a Dancing Nataraja is fairly widespread, especially in the houses of dancers, yet this idol is actually exceedingly unlucky. The statue symbolises Shiva dancing, but it also represents devastation and has an effect on the family’s health.

6. Stopped Watches

A watch or a clock is only helpful if it works. A watch, according to Vastu, impacts the passage of energy. Positive energy is attracted to a functioning clock, whereas negative energy is attracted to a stopped clock. Remove any stopped clocks and watches from the house or change their batteries to avoid losing money and fortune.

7. Statue or Paintings of Animals

No images or showpieces of wild creatures and birds such as snakes, owls, vultures, bats, pigs, pigeons, crows, tigers, etc. should be shown. A portrait or statue of a single bird or animal should not be kept in a couple’s chamber, according to Vastu. Keeping the image or showpiece of wild animals and birds promotes a Violent Attitude in your life.

8. Water Fountain

The way you decorate your house reveals a great deal about who you are. Some water enthusiasts have beautiful water fountains in their homes. However, Vastu dictates that such items should not be present in your house since they represent an object’s flowing essence. It signifies that the money and wealth that enters your life will not last long and will vanish with the passage of time.

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