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Top 9 Things to do at Port Blair

Top 9 things to do at Port Blair, Read More Here

Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar, is a place where luxury gets entangled with the rustic and raw charm of nature. You can get cosy in your hotels and resorts and also unleash the wild creature inside you always hungry for some adventure. There are endless options to visit and enjoy in Port Blair and written below are just a few to get you an idea about the diversity and range of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Today we have listed a few things to do at Port Blair:

Explore the painful history of our independence in the Cellular jail

Cellular Jail is the most popular tourist destination in Port Blair. These places carry prolific memories of our freedom fighters who saw treacherous times within the walls of this British-era structure. Prominent freedom fighters were brought to the Andaman, confined, and made to work by the Britishers just because they raised their voices against all the atrocities that the British inflicted against our people and to claim independence. The original structure of the jail had seven wings of which only three remain intact in the present time. The jail has a gallery depicting the history of our independence and also a library where you can find all books related to our independence to get more insights into our history and legacy. Cellular jail is also famous for the eternal flame that burns in the memory of the fighters who helped us take one step at a time to come closer to whatever we have right now and what was just an imagination for the people of our land. The Light and Sound Show also elaborate the same in a super-engaging manner and in the weighty voice of veteran actor Om Puri which is also a point of attraction for the historical prison It is one of the most intense things to do at Port Blair.

Cellular jail | District South Andaman, Government of Andaman and Nicobar |  India
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Light and sound show in Ross island

Light and Sound Shows at the Ross island (also known as Netaji Subash Chandra Bose island) attract almost every tourist in Port Blair. You can book tickets online from the Government website and you will be good to go. However, the reservations do not include the boat ferries that take you to Ross Island and these can only be purchased offline from the Aberdeen jetty. The boats leave in the evening around 5 pm from the Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex and the shows are available in both English and Hindi. You must include this in your things to do at Port Blair list!

things to do at Port Blair
source: Andaman tourism

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Dinner cruises

Dinner cruises are quite an enthralling and romantic experience in the sea in Andaman and Nicobar islands that are now operational. You can either take cruises from Port Blair from Junglighat in the evening around 7 pm and it will take you around for 2 to 2.5 hours. There are two types of dinner cruises, one that has an attached semi-submarine and the other without it. You can enjoy Andaman’s delicacies and the amazing music of local bands while sailing around in Port Blair. All the dinner cruises are run by private entities and thus are expensive.

Jet ski ride at Corbyn’s Cove beach

Corbyn’s Cove beach is among the most visited beaches in Port Blair and here you can go jet skiing with your friends and family and enjoy splashes of the sea coming at you. The waves at Corbyn’s Cove beach are comparatively high from the other beaches making it the most suitable for jet skiing. This sport is equally enjoyed by both adults and children and is safest when enjoyed during the summer months. All such activities which require going to the sea are prohibited in the monsoon months keeping in mind the periodic storm and tsunami warnings.

Witness The Scenic Beauty Of Corbyn Cove Beach In Port Blair
source: traveltriangle

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Sea walking at North Bay island

Sea walking is another very popular activity in Port Blair and you have many service providers guiding you at every step so you have fun and also take precautions. Sea walking is also enjoyable for people who don’t know how to swim and thus you can try this out without any hesitation. And if you are a person looking for thrill and adventure at every point in life, nothing is stopping you from just having a nice time in the sea. You can also take photographs of you underwater which would be handed to you once you come back to the pontoon.

things to do at Port Blair
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Trekking at Mount Harriett

Imagine walking through the forests of Andaman where you can spot lots of animals especially deers and lots of swirling little butterflies around you accompanying you on your journey and at the end, you get the soothing view of the surrounding places of Mount Harriett. It is officially a National park and thus a protected area. The rocky stretch of terrains of Andaman makes the journey even more exciting. Mount Harriett to Madhuban is a popular trekking trail and the majority of Port Blair’s tourists try this out to get closer to nature. The entire journey is 16 kilometers into the woods of Mount Harriett. The peak season for trekking is the winter season that is December to January.

things to do at Port Blair
source: MakeMyTrip

Bird Gazing at Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu, as the name suggests, is famous for its unique, endangered, and exotic species of birds. Researchers from all around the world visit Chidiya Tapu just to have a peek at these little adorable creatures. It also has a well-renowned beach by the same name which looks like a background for a movie with fallen trees scattered here and there. These trees were uprooted during the 2004 Tsunami. Chidiya Tapu is extremely famous for two things- the birds that reside here and the epic sunset view with the sun meeting the emerald and crystal clear sea. Do not forget your binoculars on a trip to the Chidiya Tapu, you don’t want to scare all the birds away without even taking a good look at them and you are never too close to do that.

Coral Safari Semi submarine

Semi submarine rides are a whole new and exciting experience in which you get to see the underwater world through a unique boat having a lower glass bottom section. First of a kind in India, this brings you closer to this unique world if you dread water and cannot dive into it. The glasses in the boats are inclined at 45 degrees for full effect giving you an almost real experience while you are still dry. It is an activity that even kids and elder people enjoy without any health risks. You can try this at the North Bay Island ferries which are available from the Aberdeen jetty of Port Blair. It is an hour of unbelievable experience and chargeable.

Scuba diving and Snorkelling

On literally all of the pages that enumerate all the fun options to try out in Andaman and Nicobar island, scuba diving and snorkelling are always present on the top of their list because what was the point of your vacation in Andaman if you did not try your hands at the adventurous water sports? Tourists in Port Blair usually go to the neighboring North Bay Island to snorkel because it is filled with rich corals and epic scenic views. Certified divers accompany you in diving to guide and take care of you underwater. Swimming is not a necessary skill for this adventure activity, however, it would be beneficial in case of inconvenience. You can go deeper in the lap of the sea and just get lost in the ethereal world beneath that god created using his wildest of imaginations. There are changing rooms and washrooms available on the beaches so you won’t have to face discomfort. To reach North Bay Island, you can take a ferry from the Aberdeen jetty in Port Blair and you can return via the same.

All of these while fill your heart with contentment on your trip to the Andamans and you need to try out as many of them as you want just so you won’t have any regrets of leaving out something that you always wanted to do. Have this breathtaking experience of the adrenaline rushing through your blood but still the soothing feeling from the classic view of sea and beaches and greenery all around.

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