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Top places to visit in Badrinath!

Top places to visit in Badrinath!

The Badrinath Temple is one of the four pilgrimage centres in Uttarakhand. These centres, which are known as Char Dhams, play a vital role in the region’s religious tourism. Due to their importance, thousands of pilgrims visit these centres each year.

Located in the Garhwal Himalaya, Badrinath is a town known for its numerous temples. One of these is the Shri Amartya Vasantha Sammandir, which is believed to have been constructed by sage Adi Shankaracharya.

  • Badrinath Temple: The Must-Visit Place

The Badrinath Temple is located in the Garhwal district of India. It is believed that Lord Vishnu is worshipped here. It is situated at an altitude of 3133m, the temple is a huge structure with a height of over 15m that dates back to the Vedic Ages.

The Badrinarayan Temple is believed to be the site of Lord Vishnu’s image. The stone figure of this temple, which is considered a symbol of Lord Vishnu, is worshipped by Hindus as a symbol of the Lord.

Badrinath Temple - Wikipedia

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  • Neelkanth Peak: Admire the Queen of Garhwal

Named after Lord Shiva, this mountain peak provides a spectacular view of the Badrinath Temple. It is also known as the Queen of Garhwal and its real beauty can be experienced by the pilgrims who visit here when the first beam of sun hit its peak when the breaks in and its altitude are at a remarkable height of 6,597m.

The snow-covered mountain top, which is located in the Garhwal Himalayas, can be spotted in various locations in the region. One of these is the Satopanth Glacier and you can also watch the river Khirao Ganga, the runs from south of the peak and due to this it is one of the most famous places in Badrinath.

Nilkantha Peak, Badrinath - Timings, Accessibility, Best time to visit

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  • Vasundhara Falls: Watch the Delightful Cascade

The Vasundhara Falls is believed to have been the resting place of the Pandavas which is Situated at a height of 400m. the place is situated in the serene surrounding the Himalayas and it is believed that the water coming out from the sacred river turns away from people who have an impure heart or have hatred in them.

You can reach the waterfall early in the morning or take a taxi and do not forget to bring an umbrella and shoes along with you and you should reach early as the more time you spend the less it seems for you to have.

Vasudhara Falls Uttarakhand | Mythology, How to Reach - Bugyal Valley

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  • Tapt Kund: Take A Plunge in The Hot Waters

This holy hot spring is situated along the banks of the Alaknanda River and is mainly associated with Lord Agni. Its water has medicinal values and is believed to treat various ailments. Its temperature is around 45 degrees and along with medical values Tapt Kund is also believed to have restorative properties.

Narad Kund is located under Tapt Kund and it is believed that Adi Shankaracharya discovered the image of Badri Narayan. It is considered highly consecrated and is not allowed to be taken bath by devotees.

There are also five big stones surrounding the area which is also known by the famous words Panch Shilla which is also thought to be concentrated among devotees and travellers so if you are going to Badrinath do not forget to visit Tapt Kund and Narad Kund.

Tapt kund in badrinath | The Viking Abroad
  • Bheem Pul: Natural Bridge of Stones

Bheem Pul is a bridge on the River Saraswati that’s believed to have been built by one of the Pandav siblings while they were being cursed. There is a very very famous story behind this with saying that Bheem tosses stone between the mountains to make a way to cross the stream. Quite an interesting story isn’t it.

This beautiful gorge is flanked by a massive stone bridge and the flowing river Saraswati.

Bheem Pul is situated in a village named Mana. The bridge is located at the country’s border with Tibet. It is also 3 km away from Badrinath and is found the opposite of the gorgeous village Vyas gufa.

Bheem Pul, Badrinath, Uttrakhand
  • Mana Village: Scenic Place to Explore

Mana Village is a famous Badrinath attraction. It is located on the banks of the River Saraswati, in the foothills of the Himalayas which is at an incredible elevation of 10000 feet.

Quite a height. It Lies on the Tibet-Chinese border. This place is celebrated for its most grand significance of being encompassed by the enchanting Himalayan ranges.

This place is 3 km away from Badrinath and has small houses and shops. While driving up the mountains, you can also spot these shops and homes and will give you a true feel of nature and its culture.

Mana Village - A Journey to Last Indian Village and Beyond - Devil On  Wheels™
  • The Urvashi Temple

The Badrivishal ashram of Nar and Narayan was also the scene of Lord Indra’s temptation. He sent a group of celestial ladies to distract them. The most beautiful of them was Urvashi, who led the nymphs to a small pond near the ashram. It is a very beautiful temple is famous for its beauty.

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