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Top places to visit in Tripura!

top places to visit in tripura

Tripura, one of the northeast states, proportion borders at the north, west, south, and southeast by  Bangladesh, and withinside the east, it shares a border with Assam and Mizoram. 

The kingdom has beneficial climatic situations for the cultivation of diverse fruit and horticultural crops. It is wealthy in herbal sources which include herbal fueloline, rubber, tea, and medicinal plants. 

The kingdom is likewise wealthy in herbal fueloline deposits, glass sands, limestone, plastic clay, and tough rock. With its fine weather and scenic landscape, Tripura is a favoured travel destination.

The kingdom gives travellers a lot of attractions to visit which include ancient Hindu and Buddhist sites, temples,  rivers, and rock carvings.

1. Agartala – Capital City 

Agartala is the capital of Tripura, is certainly considered one of the most important towns in that nation and one of the popular locations to go to in Tripura. The area is well-known for its full terrains of inexperienced pastures, hills and exquisite valleys. The most important enchantment of this area is Ujjayanta Palace. You may require to plot a minimum of few days if you want to cowl Agartala in detail. 

Ujjayanta Palace is a royal residence constructed by Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya in 1899. The palace is known for its structure which has 3 domes, tiled floors, carved timber ceilings, and fantastically crafted doors. Also, there’s a Mughal fashion lawn at the out of doors of this royal palace.

Agartala Records Drastic Dip in Pollution Levels amid Coronavirus Lockdown  - INSIDE NE

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2. Amarpura – Ideal Picnic Spot 

Amarpura is one of the first-rate locations to go to in Tripura and is taken into consideration as an excellent picnic spot. People frequently visit here over weekends to take a seat down and skip their day at the banks of the Amar  Sagar Lake which is a synthetic lake constructed withinside in the sixteenth century. The metropolis in general stands on historical ruins and additionally has a temple committed to Mangalchand (the eight-headed goddess). Also, if you pass there at some point in February, an honour is held to rejoice in the month of flowers.

There are different lakes in this area – Dumboor Lake and Chobimura. Water Sports facility is additionally available in Amarpura. Other than this there are numerous different galas and activities held in this area to keep humans travelling this area engaged all year round.

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3. Melaghar – Vibrant Town

Melaghar is likewise a city positioned 50 km from Agartala. The location is well-known for Neermahal that is located withinside the centre of Rudrasagar Lake. The location was given very non-violent vibes. It is also well-known for the Durga Puja Festival. The whole city appears blessed whilst it’s far lit with lovely lights at some point of this festival.

There are numerous puja pandals performed throughout the roads and everybody appears to enjoy it. Another festival that is dearly celebrated in Melaghar is Ratha Yatra that is held each year in July. To fulfil your spirit for buying you may come down to Anandabazar which has the whole thing proper from each day — staples to massive showrooms to cater to all your needs. Other famous locations to go to in Tripura consist of Veeramma Kali Mandir, Pagli Masi Temple, and Melaghar Kali Temple. 

How to reach: The closest airport is Agartala airport from which you may lease cabs to attain Melaghar.  The nearest railhead is likewise in Agartala. The metropolis is likewise properly related via Roads.

Melaghar, Tripura, India - Across Asia

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4. Kailashahar – Ancient Capital  

Kailashahar is every other metropolis withinside the kingdom of Tripura and is located very close to Bangladesh borders which makes it one of the most pleasant locations to go to in Tripura. The metropolis changed into the capital of  Tripura in historic instances and features roots related to Unakoti. The major competition of Kailashahar is the Durga puja and the town is embellished with fancy lighting and Goddess Durga pandals. 

The metropolis is blessed with stunning landscapes and luxurious inexperienced gardens. The major visitor points of interest here are Lakhi Narayan Bari and Chouddo Devotar Temple. Also, there are numerous tea estates across the metropolis. Some of them are controlled privately and a maximum of them are well-known for organic tea that they develop here.

Kailashahar Tourism (2021) - Tripura > Top Places, Travel Guide

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5. Dharamnagar – Naturally Beautiful 

Landscapes Dharmanagar is the second-biggest town in Tripura next to Agartala and is located withinside the northern part of Tripura. The region is popular for its naturally stunning landscapes. There are numerous top-first-rate boarding faculties in this town.

The temperature is continually moderate here, each winter and summer. However, the region is decorated with very heavy rainfalls. The town is constructed over historical ruins and is known to have lots of well-known historic monuments. Haflong is a well-known tea lawn that is known for its beauty and lies only a quick distance from Dharamnagar. Also, Unakoti, which is a historical location with large rock reduction pics, lies close to Dharmanagar.

Dharmanagar 2021, #4 places to visit in tripura, top things to do, reviews,  best tourist places to visit for 4 - 7 Days, photo gallery | HelloTravel  India

6. Udaipur – AKA Rangamati 

Udaipur is also referred to as Rangamati and is a metropolis in Tripura — well-known for its Sundari Temple that’s one of the spiritual locations to go to in Tripura. The area is located at the bed of synthetic lakes and is around fifty-five km from Agartala.

Some of the synthetic lakes positioned in his metropolis are – Dhani Sagar, Bijoy Sagar, Jagannath Dighi, Amar Sagar. The metropolis is located at the banks of the Gomai River and has numerous temples. But the most famous is the Tripura Sundari Temple, which is likewise a part of fifty-one Shakti Peethas. There is a large lake beside this temple that’s referred to as Kalyan Sagar. Another well-known temple right here is Bhubaneshwar Temple.  As there are many lakes located here, it is also known as the metropolis of lakes.

Book Lovers can locate their mecca in Nazrul Granthagar library in Udaipur which became christened after Nazrul  Islam.

Tripura chora #Rangamati,Bangladesh | Niketan Chakma | Flickr

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7. Ambassa – Old Temples And Traditions 

Ambassa is another lovely metropolis in Tripura and could be very well-known for historic temples held in this place.  The picturesque panorama and wealthy way of life of Ambassa make it one of the most popular towns in Tripura. A few locations of enchantment on this metropolis are Pilak, Chabimura, Neermahal Palace,  Ujjayanta Palace, Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary, Jagannath Temple.

Many other temples in this metropolis maintain the light and you’re engaged even as you’re here. There is a large juice plant in  Nalkata that is around 38 km far from Ambassa and is one of the foremost attractions amongst vacationers coming here. Also, numerous handicraft stores are placed close to this juice plant.

Ambassa | EastMojo

8. Jampui Hills – Scenic Views 

Jampui Hills are placed withinside the Northern part of Tripura and is one of the most popular locations to go to in Tripura. These hills are placed at an altitude of a thousand meters above sea level.  

The vicinity is blessed with stunning valleys and superb sceneries and is a land of juicy oranges. The top points of interest of this town are Ujjayanta Palace, Sepahijala Wildlife sanctuary, and Chittagong Hills. A nice time to go to Jampui Hills is in November. The sanctuary is complete of a great form of natural world species and additionally has a studies centre. You can discover as many as a hundred and fifty one-of-a-kind species of birds in this sanctuary.

Jampui Hills 11 | Tripura Tourism

9. Unakoti – Timeless Ruins 

Translating to ‘one much less than a crore’ in English, Unakoti is one of the most exciting locations to peer in Tripura for individuals who are looking for something unique. This area is sitting close to the  Kailash War metropolis is home to loads and lots of huge systems which can be rock-reduced and spellbinding. This spot is domestic to several scattered ruins of the temples, making Unakoti is a unique area with a historic air of secrecy encircling the atmosphere.

Unakoti Heritage Site | Unakoti District Website | India

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