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Trendy Cheeky Bikini Bottoms Styles for This Summer

Trendy Cheeky Bikini Bottom Styles for This Summer

Summer is the right time for fun with tanning, surfing, and beach volleyball. People love the beaches, and there is no scarcity of beaches. And beach time means it’s bikini time and the time to flaunt the bikini body you acquired by dieting and working out the whole year.

If you are planning to buy some bikini sets, hold up, you could try some trendy bikini bottoms (AKA cheeky bikini bottoms) this summer.

If you are wondering what these cheeky bikini bottoms are, they are nothing but the bottoms that will accentuate your buttocks. The flattering bottoms are becoming trendy worldwide, as they not only highlight the bottom it helps to create a more round and perky bum. One more reason to buy the cheeky bikini bottom is its ability to make your legs look longer, making you taller.

The article will list some of the famous and new trendy bikini bottom styles, so you can buy those and try them on at the beach.

Cheeky bikini bottoms to try this summer

Thong bikini bottom

This bikini bottom is for those who want minimal coverage for tanning. Though cheeky bikini bottoms look more like the Brazilian cut bottoms, thongs are an exception. Some are not as comfortable with this type of bottoms because of being conscious of their body, not having a beach body at present, or some other reason.

Thong bikini bottoms are best for those who want to flaunt their perfect beach body this summer and get a good tan. However, do not miss the chance to look sexy this summer because you are too conscious of your body; everybody is beautiful.

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Cheeky-cut swimsuit bottoms

Cheeky cut or true cheeky cut swimsuit bottom falls between the full coverage bottom and a thong. It doesn’t cover much of your bottom but (covers) more than what a thong would. Those who are uncomfortable with wearing a thong can choose this one. This bikini bottom is the best example of a cheeky bottom. The backside of cheeky bottoms is of V shape and looks more daring and gives you a thrill knowing if you are wearing it for the first time.

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Moderate coverage cheeky bottom

This type of bikini bottom covers most of the bottom, making it close to a regular standard bikini bottom. If you are not planning for a tan and want to play volleyball instead, this could be the best choice for your bottom wear. You can wear the halter top with this bikini bottom, and you will look great in them. A pair of bikini sets will give you a sexy and alluring look at the same time without exposing more skin.

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How does the Brazilian bikini bottom differ from the cheeky bikini bottoms?

The Brazilian bikini originated in the South American country Brazil and quickly spread worldwide. However, the cheeky bikini bottom is the new trend in the market.

These bikini bottoms are the types of bikini you must try at least once in your lifetime, as you’ll never know how you will look without wearing them.

The main differences are:

The Brazilian bikini bottom covers only 30%of your glute. However, the cheeky bikini bottom covers almost 50% of your derriere.

Brazilian bikini bottoms usually rest high on your hips, while cheeky bottoms are of various types and can be a high or regular rise (hip level).

Whatever your choice is, the priority is that you feel comfortable and confident in them.

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