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What is Borderline Personality disorder – Read this to know more.

What is Borderline Personality disorder - Read Here to know more.

Identifying Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is not easy. Many common symptoms often delay its diagnosis and proper treatment. Society and family also play a role in the treatment of BPD.

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Suddenly there is a storm of emotions / Mood swings moment by moment / Every small issue feels huge / Relationships build and deteriorate very fast / Do not find yourself attached to anyone / Most of the time these symptoms If it persists, it is no small matter. It could also be Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Although these symptoms are sometimes seen in everyone, this behaviour increases greatly in people suffering from BDP. Most of the time the patient tends to be extremely sensitive. Overall, it is a mental problem associated with problems with rapid changes in a person’s mood, image, and behaviour. Delay in treatment also leads to depression and other mood problems in BPD patients.

A borderline personality disorder is more common in women than in men. According to statistics, 90 per cent of its cases are related to women. There are also genetic reasons for this.

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Suicidal thoughts

According to research, the victims of BDP are more prone to suicidal thoughts. 80% of the patients suffering from this keep thinking about suicide. When disturbed more, they find themselves surrounded by thoughts like cutting, getting burnt. 4 to 9 per cent of its victims die due to suicide. In such a situation, close people have to be very cautious as well as keep the atmosphere positive.

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Why is identification difficult?

This disorder is difficult to diagnose because of the many common symptoms. Sometimes the family does not even understand the problem of a sick person. On the one hand, the person suffering from this disorder feels lonely, on the other hand, changing the mood from moment to moment does not allow people to come close to the patient. Because of this, the victim keeps suffocating inside and is unable to share his point with anyone. Due to this, the conditions keep getting worse.

Such people constantly have trouble adjusting to the people around them. Due to not being able to control their emotions, such people are often associated with stressful mental and behavioural problems. Symptoms usually appear in adulthood.

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Certain symptoms

  • One feels emptiness from within. He considers himself alone.
  • Such patients are never able to take any single decision. It is difficult for them to choose one thing.
  • There is instability in relationships. Relationships build and deteriorate very fast. It is difficult for them to maintain any relationship for a long time.
  • Such people either start loving someone very much or hate for no reason.
  • Suddenly there is a very strong anger.
    Such people also know very well to get their work done by threatening suicide.

Common Symptoms

  • Inability to have the same and good thoughts about yourself.
  • Not feeling attached to others.
  • Not feeling sympathy for others.
  • Afraid of being rejected. Rapid mood swings.
    Being surrounded by feelings of anxiety and depression.
  • Excess sex and substance abuse due to not being able to handle themselves
  • Reckless driving and sudden demolition.
  • Always ready to fight.


This situation is difficult for both the patient and the close ones. As a form of treatment, patients are primarily taught to handle emotions. Along with this, counselling of close people is also done. The help of cognitive behavioural therapy is also taken to connect with relationships. Psychiatrists also ask questions related to the person’s chronic diseases, family environment. This treatment takes a little longer. Although medicines are also given in this, counselling is most important. Therapy is selected based on the patient’s condition.

Some specialists choose a specific type of therapy, which is called DBT, or dialectical behaviour therapy. In this, the treatment is divided into five parts. who are-

  • personalized medicine
  • group skills training
  • mindfulness
  • Advising over the phone as needed
    Counseling and patient care training is given to maintain courage.

Why does BPD happen?

BPD can have many causes:
Genetic reasons: If one of the parents in the family has this problem, then there is an increased risk of getting it in the children.

Hormone imbalance: Sometimes hormone imbalance in pregnancy affects the baby.

Stress: Being in a stressful environment for a long time can also make it a victim. Its effect is seen in children who are victims of physical abuse in childhood or are separated from their loved ones at a very young age.

Major Accidents:

  • death of parents or children
  • betrayal I nlove
  • close relationship breakup
    Childhood spent around domestic violence.

How family plays an important role?

The home environment is largely responsible for BPD. Constant fights in the house or differences between parents can also give rise to this disorder. This disorder can also be identified on its own. Pay attention to yourself to see if you are surrounded by too many negative thoughts that are finding difficult to control. If so then this is the right time to seek the help of experts.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy is also considered effective in this problem. It tries to convert bad thoughts into good ones. Medicines also play a role, but the biggest contributor is the family. Close members of the patient should constantly try to know what is going on in the patient’s mind. Even if he does not want to tell, he should continue to talk to him while treating him with love. Such people should be treated honestly. Tense and serious issues should be discussed only after seeing their behaviour and situation. The patient should be treated politely. Also, don’t expect them to perform well all the time.

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