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Why Young Biharis are not willing to stay in Bihar?

The state Bihar is relatively very far Youth is that phase of life when we are curious, eager and at the same time vulnerable to various odd things. As a young individual, we are attracted to various things and points of interest at the same time. It is that phase of life when life seems full of colors, joys and happening too.

Lagging behind in the race of prosperity, development, modernization and last but not the least is the mentality of the inhabitants in general.  Young Bihari girls are rendered less freedom in comparison to their counterpart in terms of education, lifestyle etc. The life seems very tough and not many options are available in the name of entertainment or for those matter extracurricular activities. People are fed-up and struggling even for the basic amenities such round the clock electric power supply, better infrastructures like roads, bridges, enhanced transportation networks, parks and playgrounds. Better lifestyle for young Biharis has always been an important concern and they do not want to compromise anymore in any circumstances. Bihar state also lacks in glamour quotients at large in comparison to the other states.

The struggle for basic life compels young Biharis to look for better alternatives in the name of big towns, cities and even metropolitan cities which, in general have everything they want to have or grab. Young Biharis leaving their home state and shifting to big towns, cities and even metropolitan cities for higher studies while some are searching work and if qualified then job opportunities. This has caused the dearth of young crowd in the state and this is a major cause of concern. However, things have changed slightly and people of Bihar hope, wait and also initiating themselves for betterment of their lifestyle as well as their state.

Big towns, cities and metropolitan cities have helped young Biharis in accomplishing their goals & dreams and even better. These young Biharis has surprised people by their sheer hard work, dedication and achieving success and doing wonders in every field. Young Biharis of various small towns and villages with their success, accomplishment and achievements are making their state proud. The splendid example is the success of the famous cricketer M.S. Dhoni.

So, it’s high time, achievers and successful people of Bihar should start doing something in return for the so called ill fated and destitute Bihar state and that way only things will improve and the wind of change will blow. Young Biharis let’s pledge to make Bihar a better place to live happily leaving no stone unturned whatsoever because where there is will there’s a way.

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