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Breaking the World Record, Divyansh Singh Panwar Wins Gold at the ISSF World Cup

Breaking the World Record, Divyansh Singh Panwar Wins Gold at the ISSF World Cup

In expansion to winning the gold award within the men’s 10m discuss rifle finals, Indian marksman Divyansh Singh Panwar made news at the ISSF World Glass by breaking the past world record. At the Egypt Worldwide Olympic City Shooting, the 21-year-old marvel won with a score that broke the record, 253.7. This achievement surpassed the previous record of 253.3 held by Chinese shooter Sheng Lihao, established at the Asian Games in Hangzhou last year.

Divyansh’s outstanding performance began with an impressive qualification score of 632.4, topping the charts and setting the stage for a commanding finals display. In the 24-shot final, he showcased precision shooting, leaving Italian contender Dani Sollazo trailing by 1.9 points to secure the silver.

The Indian marksman’s victory was marked by consistency, as he did not register any score below 10. Not only that, but he also scored a perfect 10.9 on his fourth and sixth shots. Divyansh remarked, “I’m glad to win gold after a long time,” as he considered his triumph. I’ll feel much more confident going into a significant year thanks to this.

In addition to Divyansh’s gold, the ISSF World Cup also saw Indian shooter Arjun Babuta in the final, finishing in the sixth position. Lazar Kovacevic, a marksman from Serbia, captured the bronze medal. India has achieved more success in the shooting globe thanks to Divyansh Singh Panwar’s outstanding performance, which also sets a favorable tone for the next events.

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