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The New Generation of Unisex Jewellery

The new generation of Unisex Jewellery

Have you heard about this term before?

Well, Unisex Jewellery is getting very popular among the youth now. Men and women both are enthusiasts of wearing bracelets and light neckpieces and pendants while they go out for a fun evening or a workday at the office.

Men and Women, both inculcating each other’s fashion sense in clothes have been coming together in accessories as well.

There are a lot of pendants and watches that can be taken by both men and women.

Let’s check out a few things about Unisex watches,

“Anywhere between 36mm and 40mm can be comfortably worn by men and women,” says Felix Scholz, co-founder of respected Australian watch blog Time+Tide.

“For a piece to be called unisex, style should err towards the classics, with not too much colour or complication at play.”

Designs that go with both men and women have to be considered while making unisex watches and jewellery.

The designers usually go for subtle and professional designs. Massive brands like Louis Vitton are making unisex jewellery and accessories for their customers.

In India, Jewellery and other accessories have been in our history for a long time, both men and women. Our history speaks a lot about the large necklaces and the crowns rajas and ranis used to wear, the trend of unisex jewellery was always around our country.

Recently, when Harry Styles stepped out on the red carpet of BRIT awards in February 2020, he glowed like anything. Dressed in a plum-coloured suit, lilac jumper (with coordinating nail polish) and poplin – collared shirt, his head to toe look was marvellous and he wore a pearl necklace.

This set quite a trend in 2020, gender fluid jewellery is started to become a trend now. As we said before, genderless jewellery isn’t something new but in 2020, we saw a shift in unisex jewellery from a trend to something permanent.

With people getting more about the LGBTQ+ community and accepting people for who they are, there has been a drastic change of how they see men wearing jewellery and women wearing pants. Everyone has got used to the latter one but are slowly blending in with the former one.

The concept of removing the gender from jewellery has opened a new window for jewellery designers to create and experiment accessories that suit both of them.

Louis Vitton has been working on some jewellery ideas and if it is gender-neutral jewellery then there is a high chance that a worldwide trend of unisex jewellery will be set in 2020.

GenZ has grown up learning about normalizing gender fluidity. Hence, the lines between men and women for jewellery and accessories have become a blur as more and more people are accepting this trend and going with the flow. It is a massive evolution and for the good.

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