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Top 5 New Year Party Ideas for your home

Top 5 New Year Party Ideas at home

2020 is finally coming to an end, but this time New Year celebration will be a bit different because we still are in the middle of the pandemic. With new strains of COVID 19 emerging all over the world, various countries and our states in India have imposed a late-night curfew on New Year’s Eve.

So, there won’t be any open parties or clubbing events on December 31st, 2020 — sadly!

But we all have our homes to party; doing a maximum of things AT HOME has given us quite a practice to access things from home.

But what to do on New Year’s? well if you are celebrating it with your family and friends, today we will list some party ideas that will pump up your new year’s to another level and make it exciting

  • Games

Games are always a great way to bond with your loved ones. Monopoly, Ludo, Chinese Checkers, Snakes and Ladder, Dumb charades are some of the popular games you can play at home. Everyone has that one Ludo board in their home they had taken out when the lockdown was very new and basically everyone was playing it.

  • Karaoke

Well, this event is one of the best things you can do on New Year’s Eve. There isn’t much investment you have to do. Just plug into youtube from your television set or laptop and play the lyrics of the song you want to sing or make the others sing and get on with it. Singing songs with your loved ones no matter how good or bad it brings you seamless joy and happiness. Karaoke nights sometimes bring the best singers from their hidden spaces!

  • Year Rewind

This is one of the few things which everyone would love to share. 2020 has given all of us a lot of time to self-reflect and connect to people with whom we had lost touch. You can prepare a fun questionnaire for your party guests like what they learnt from 2020 and what were their best moments and give them a platform to share. It will be a great thing to do and we are sure that everyone will be overwhelmed to share and listen to each other’s lockdown journey.

  • Cherishing Memories

With Snapchat and Facebook making year rewinds for you, it will be amazing to make your own memories slideshow for the entire year. You will look into your best memories and get to know things you probably forget while making this slideshow. It is always exciting to see your loved ones getting excited to see themselves in your memories!

  • Make a playlist

Lastly, make a party playlist of your favourite songs and dance with the tune. New Year’s eve is incomplete without dancing and showing your best moves.

So, there you go, some party ideas for new year’s eve that will make your home party a blockbuster!

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