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What to see in Gangtok?

Top places in Gangtok

This week we are going to explore the beautiful places of the most popular hill station in India, GANGTOK.

Gangtok is a great combination of lush green forests to snowcapped Himalayan Mountains. There is so much to explore in this city where one day isn’t enough but most people visit it for a day or so.

I had visited Gangtok way back in 2013s and let me narrate an interesting incident to you when we were about to visit the local market.

It was late evening and I and my family were waiting outside the hotel while my uncle was taking out the car from the parking lot. While giving directions to him I stepped back slowly from the steep parking slope and fell down from a height and hit my head. Yeah, that was a bad experience and we had to skip our local market shopping that day.

Nevermind, we successfully covered it the next day with my swollen bump on the head!

Let’s get back to the top 5 locations you can’t miss in Gangtok.

  • Kanchenjunga Mountains

We were lucky enough to get a view of THE KANCHENJUNGA from our hotel rooms. It is the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen in my entire life. Being a person who hasn’t been to Himachal or Uttrakhand, this was my first time seeing the Himalayas from such a close distance.

Kanchenjunga is the third highest peak in the world. To get the best view of the mountains, either book a hotel near it like me or sign up for a trek or visit Kanchenjunga National Park.

  • Phodong Monastery

Northeast is incomplete without monasteries, Phodong is one of them. This one was built in the 18th century and the view is breathtaking. The location of the monastery is so soothing and peaceful. You can spend hours in there without any disturbance and experience the true form of nature.

  • Tsomgo Lake

Visit the Tsomgo Lake sitting on a yak. The view of the lake beside the snowcapped mountains is marvellous and breathtaking. The location is chilling and during the winters it is freezing. There are a few food stalls that sell Maggi and hot brewing tea. The entire experience is great!

  • Nathula Pass

We missed this location due to time crunch but it is a must-visit place! Nathula Pass is a pass between Sikkim and China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. People visit this pass by driving or trekking for the view. You can see the mountains from the pass which is a view you can’t forget.

  • Seven Sister Waterfalls

Well, here you will see seven different waterfalls merging and flowing together. It is an unusual sight you don’t come across every day.

The source of each of them is different and that is what makes it unique. You can’t miss this!

There you go, the top 5 places that you can’t miss when you go to Gangtok — also don’t miss the local market — they have some great traditional stuff!

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